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Born to Run

"Born to Run" is the twenty-second episode of the second season of the American television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and the thirty-first episode of the series. It was written by executive producer Josh Friedman and directed by Jeffrey Hunt. The episode was first broadcast on April 10, 2009 on the Fox Broadcasting Company in the United States. It is the last episode of the program's second season and it also served as the series finale. "Born to Run", like the previous episode, "Adam Raised a Cain", is named after a Bruce Springsteen song The episode takes place shortly after events depicted in the preceding episode, "Adam Raised a Cain". In that episode, Sarah Connor (Lena Headey) has been captured by the FBI while returning Savannah Weaver to James Ellison (Richard T. Jones), Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green) has been killed during the termination attempt on Savannah Weaver's young life, while John Connor (Thomas Dekker) and the Terminator Cameron (Summer Glau) are in hiding, and the liquid metal Terminator Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson) reveals that her intentions are quite different from what anyone believes them to be. In "Born to Run", John and Sarah finally meet Weaver, and the ensuing events alter the course of the series dramatically.

Adam Raised a Cain

When John attempts to rescue Skynet's latest target he finds himself closing in on Weaver, but at what cost? Game plans change, causing Sarah and Ellison to reunite. Meanwhile, Weaver learns Ellison's secrets.

To the Lighthouse

Fearing for her life, Sarah stashes John in a safe house. Cameron and Derek struggle to work together after she reveals a big secret. John Henry becomes compromised.

Today Is the Day: Part 2

Jesse's submarine mission in the future takes a fatal turn that has unforeseen effects on John, Sarah and Derek in the present. Before heading out, Sarah deals with Cameron and John makes a tough choice.

Today Is the Day: Part 1

Jesse flashes back to a life-altering mission aboard her submarine, the Jimmy Carter. Sarah and John decide they can't continue living in their house and make plans to leave.

Ourselves Alone

The return of Cameron's glitch results in regrettable consequences for everyone, and Riley fears Cameron has discovered her secret.

Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep

Haunted by nightmares of the man she killed in the factory, Sarah checks in to a sleep clinic. When suspicious things begin happening, Sarah suspects Skynet may be using the facility for brain-mapping.

Desert Cantos

Sarah, John, Cameron and Derek investigate the company town connected to the destroyed factory while Weaver sends her own man into town in search of a potential survivor.

The Good Wound

An injured Sarah is guided by the image of John's father, Kyle Reese, while Weaver's move to protect John Henry results in deadly consequences.

Earthlings Welcome Here

Sarah's obsession with the three dots intensifies when she tracks down a blogger with a intimate knowledge of the symbol, and she ends up finding something she never expected. Meanwhile, Riley gets closer to John and faces off with Cameron.

Alpine Fields

Sarah and Cameron work to save a family on the list with a connection to Derek in the future. Meanwhile Jesse's life hangs in the balance.

Self Made Man

"Self Made Man" is the 20th episode (11th of the second season) of the United States television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (T:TSCC). Aired on December 1, 2008 (2008-12-01), "Self Made Man" explores Cameron's nighttime activities of enlisting help to research a Terminator's presence in the past, as well as John Connor's continuing relationship with Riley Dawson.

Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point

Sarah's obsession with the three dots leads her to a company that she believes may have Andy Goode's Turk. Meanwhile, Jesse's plans complicate things even further, and Weaver introduces Ellison to someone very important.


Sarah's mystifying nightmares creep into her real life, but what do they mean for her and John? Meanwhile, Derek and Jesse investigate a possible Skynet conspirator.

Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today

John and Riley's impromptu trip to Mexico results in deadly consequences. Meanwhile, Sarah and Ellison finally come face-to-face.

Brothers of Nablus

The Connors find themselves on high alert and in odd company after their house is robbed. Elsewhere, one Terminator terrorizes Ellison, while another gets dangerously close to John Connor. Meanwhile, Derek and Jesse continue to get reacquainted.

The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short

What would a T-1001 need with a doctor? Sarah, John and Cameron may soon find out as they track down another name on their list. Elsewhere, a woman from Derek's past surprises him in the present.

Goodbye to All That

John and Derek infiltrate a military academy in order to protect an integral member of the future resistance. Meanwhile, Weaver's first assignment for Ellison takes an interesting turn of events when he discovers a specter from his own past.

Allison from Palmdale

Software glitch causes Cameron to forget who she is. She goes missing from the Connors and is taken in by a street kid named Jody. Cameron and Jody end up at a halfway house where Cameron meets with a social worker who uncovers some of Cameron's distant memories. Meanwhile, Catherine Weaver meets with Agent Ellison to discuss his future at Zeira Corp, and Ellison does some digging into Weaver's past.

The Mousetrap

After Cromartie kidnaps Charley's wife, Sarah and Derek are put to the test, as they must outwit him to ensure a safe rescue, but at what cost? Meanwhile, John is in his own sticky situation as he finds himself caught between Cameron and Riley.

Automatic for the People

Sarah and Cameron take it upon themselves to investigate a nuclear power plant. John becomes less enthusiastic about academics, but flourishes socially with the help of a new friend. Meanwhile, Catherine Weaver gains another piece of the puzzle for her pet project.

Samson & Delilah

Rocked by the Jeep explosion, John's 16th birthday forces him to confront the reality of his destiny alone. Meanwhile, Agent Ellison faces off with his faith and the Feds in the aftermath of Cromartie's massacre, and a new player is introduced, Catherine Weaver, who is the CEO of a high-tech corporation.