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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Time for a Tune Up

Gone to the Dogs (Rochelle)

A Ponytale Tale

Unmasked (Robin)

Ready for Primetime (Liz)

U-Turn (Rondi)

A Cinderella Story (Stephanie)

Oh My Gawdy (Elena)

Little Kim (Tessa)

Back to Work (Carrie)

Dr. Heal Thyself (Julie)

Maximum Care Required (Shoshonnah)

Driven to Succeed

Dr. Do Little


Episode #3.10

Styling the Stylist

Police Academy

Sweet As Pineapple

Ship Shape

Tomboy Tug-O-War

15 Second Sell (Darlene)

Rebel Without a Clue

No Arguing With Taste

Desperate Housewife