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All In

Defying Mitchell's orders, Kirsten continues her investigation to find her father. She discovers that her mother Jacqueline is apparently still alive, but the Stitch into her caretaker's mind leaves Kirsten in a precarious position.

The Guest

Kirsten's half-sister Ivy reaches out to her with information about Daniel, but wants an exchange of information. Kirsten is forced to tell her about the Stitchers program while giving away as little information as possible. Meanwhile, Linus' father goes in for surgery, and Nina tells Cameron to make a choice between her and Kirsten.

Red Eye

The Stitcher team investigates twelve mysterious deaths on the same red eye flight into LA. With time running out before they have to release the surviving passengers, the team makes a dangerous multi-Stitch. Meanwhile, Kirsten makes contact with her half-sister Ivy.

Pretty Little Lawyers

A lawyer at a firm is poisoned and the team is called in to investigate. While they work the case, Kirsten discovers that Camille has been seeing Liam. Meanwhile, Linus wonders if Camille is cheating on him, while Maggie deals with a former boyfriend who is the senior partner at the firm.

The Dying Shame

When a Chinese pop star is murdered in LA, the Stitchers team tries to find out who killed her before an international incident ensues. Meanwhile, Camille and Liam draw closer and Linus begins to suspect something.

Midnight Stitcher

An aspiring actress falls to her death from an apartment rooftop, and the team soon discovers that she was programmed as an assassin by a former MI6 agent with a grudge.

The Two Deaths of Jamie B.

The team investigate the death of an amnesiac man who has two sets of death memories, and discover that in his first life he was a research scientist working on nanobots. Meanwhile, Camille tracks down Theo to convince him to give Linus' stolen belongings back, and Cameron makes a new friend.

The One That Got Away

While Camille deals with her visiting brother Theo, the team takes on the case of a dead retired police captain: Quincy's old partner, who was working on an unsolved multiple murder case.

Hack Me If You Can

The Stitcher team investigates the death of a hacker when his insulin pump is hacked, and realize that a much more talented hacker is responsible. Meanwhile, Kirsten continues to search for her missing father, Linus moves out of his parents' home, and Cameron considers buying a motorcycle.


After the team manages to bring Cameron back to life, Kirsten deals with the aftermath of having Stitched with a live person for the second time in her life. Meanwhile, the death of someone close to Project Stitcher rocks the lab to its core, and the clues lead to a trusted friend.