Star and Marco face their final conflict.

Pizza Party/The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse

Moon and Mina agree to disagree. Star searches for a way to defeat Mina and her Solarian Warriors.

The Right Way/Here to Help

Mama Star/Ready, Aim, Fire

Star, Marco, Janna, and Tom lose their memories as they traverse amnesia-inducing waters to get back to Mewni. Star arrives in Mewni as a super soldier attacks Monster Castle.

Sad Teen Hotline/Jannanigans

Tom breaks up with Star but is not prepared for the consequences. Star and Marco need Janna's help to return to Mewni.

Beach Day/Gone Baby Gone

Star decides to finally have her beach day with Marco. Marco loses Mariposa and Meteora in Hekapoo's dimension.

Doop-Doop/Britta's Tacos

Now that she's no longer responsible for Mewni, Star has to decide what to do. Marco tries to eat 50 tacos to win a prize from Britta's Tacos.


Star wants Eclipsa to be coronated Queen!

A Boy and His DC-700XE/The Monster and the Queen

Marco and Tom go on a dragon-cycling adventure. Eclipsa has a date with Globgor!

Junkin' Janna/A Spell with No Name

The Knight Shift/Queen-Napped

Cornball!/Meteora's Lesson

Star tries to convince Buff Frog to move back to Mewni. Glossaryck needs Meteora to help him with an errand.

Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell/Ghost of Butterfly Castle

Curse of the Blood Moon

Out of Business/Kelly's World

The Ponyhead Show!/Surviving the Spiderbites

Yada Yada Berries/Down by the River

Ransomgram/Lake House Fever

Moon Remembers/Swim Suit

Escape from the Pie Folk

Butterfly Follies

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