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Circle of Friends

41min - In the first-season finale, Emily breaks the news to her parents that she's moving to Las Vegas, and the gals throw her a farewell party. Elsewhere, Kellie gives Jeff an answer about Chicago; Hadley makes a decision about Russ; Shea and Jeff go shopping for a house; and Julie heads back to the runway.

Big Decisions

41min - Conflicts over finances lead Shea and Jeff into marriage counseling, while Hadley loses her job. Elsewhere, Jeff asks Kellie to move to Chicago, and Emily needs to tell her father about her upcoming move to Las Vegas.

Reality Check

41min - Julie's father expresses concern about her future, so she sets out to prove him wrong. Also: Emily gets career advice from Nancy O'Dell; and after Russ declares his love for Hadley, Shea catches him flirting with another woman.

Life's Ups and Downs

41min - Kellie and Jeff face conflict on the subject of having children. Meanwhile, Shea gets carried away while shopping for her wedding, and Hadley goes on an official date with bad boy Russ.

Episode #1.6

41min - Julie is very interested in Cody, but she's unsure if he feels the same way about her; Emily takes a job at a local radio station in an attempt to please her dad.

Episode #1.5

41min - Kellie hosts a slumber party for the gals, and Shea confronts Hadley about her commitment issues. Also: Julie reenters the modeling scene, but it doesn't go too well, and Shea has news to share, but Emily's hair issues take precedence.

Episode #1.4

41min - Shea and Jeff go on a trip that could be a turning point in their relationship when they visit his family. Meanwhile, Emily goes to extreme measures when updating her appearance for a new job, and Hadley is surprised by what Sterling tells her.

Episode #1.3

41min - The ladies embark on a weekend getaway, where Kellie opens up about her past and tension arises between Shea and Emily. Later, a style consultant gives Emily advice on how to be taken more seriously.

New Beginnings

41min - Shea and her father have already started picking dates for her wedding, even though Shea's boyfriend Jeff hasn't proposed yet. Kellie decides to start a matchmaking business, despite the facts that she's just recently divorced her second husband. Emily's family is upset when she gets a job as an entertainment reporter in Las Vegas.

Meet the Belles

41min - Meet the Southern Belles of Louisville, Kentucky. First there's Emily, who comes from wealth and traditional Kentucky family values, but will she choose to leave it all behind to chase the bright lights and excitement that can't be found in Louisville?

Countdown to the Belles