Stream, lej eller køb

The River

The gang receives an artifact from an ancient river in in the mail, which breaks and causes the family to lose all memory of Annie. Annie must restore their memories of her and in doing so, the various moments they've shared throughout the season are recalled.

Annie's Song

While the gang visits a Native American wooded area, a little girl turns up missing and many people in the community embark on a search. Even after the little girl is found, Annie's search continues and ultimately she is brought back to a rediscovery of the time she spent in Peru as a child.

Dead Ringer

An old, beaten-up rotary phone purchased at a garage sale reveals its hidden powers when Jack gets calls from a neighbor he knew when he was young. Not very mysterious, until you consider the fact that the phone isn't plugged in, and the neighbor has passed away.

Mr. Magnetism

Rick, a high school kid with a bad attitude, is turned into a human magnet. He must choose between using this strange new power toward hurting people--or helping them.

Gone Fishin'

With Molly on vacation, Irene takes Annie and Jack on a fishing trip where Annie discovers that the lake used to be a flooded town and the townspeople have now evolved into sea monsters that are attacking the people of the new town.


A new boy in school has trouble learning -- everything sounds to him like nonsense. As his frustration grows, the kids and teachers around him all begin actually talking nonsense. Annie must uncover the secret behind his learning disabilities.

Widow's Walk

A mummy haunts the group. Annie studies the Egyptian fascination with death and reincarnation, and learns that he's only returned to find his cat.


At a fisherman's village along the coast of Maine, Annie is warned to avoid an eccentric, reclusive old woman who paces the 'widow's walk' every night. She longs for the return of her husband, who sailed away fifty years ago.

The Great Incanto

The group picks up a magician in their motor home who claims to be the Great Incanto. When his magic causes more harm than good, He confesses that he was only an apprentice, and has no control over his powers. He must master them before they destroy him.

The Muse

Molly returns to the first place she performed in order to find inspiration, which has been lacking. Annie and company learn of the role of muses, mystical creatures that inspire artists, and they set about to find Molly's, before her return performance.

Pen Pal

Annie receives unexplainable postcards from herself, vacationing with her best friend, Jennifer -- who Annie doesn't even know! When a second Annie actually arrives at home with this friend, Annie discovers that there are parallel universes that can accidently cross over.

Grave Mistake

Margaret, an old friend of Molly's, arrives at their home, fearing that she is being haunted by her deceased husband. A series of spooky incidents convinces Annie that her husband isn't the only ghost; Margaret is one, too.

Still Life

A mysterious painting captures Annie and the gang within the painting itself. The painter is there as well, and he wants them all to go -- so he tricks them into going into another painting, of a cave, which he seals up, locking them inside.


Directed by: Melissa Joan Hart. Guest Star: Emily Hart. The group arrives in a small town where everyone acts mean to each other. Annie discovers that a mysterious old camera is capturing the souls of the people whose photo it takes.


Annie and Jack babysit a baby that is kidnapped and replaced by changelings with their own horrific child. Annie and Jack must somehow make the creature laugh, which will reverse the switch, before the real baby's parents come home from the movies.

Beeing There

The group enters an idyllic town full of industrious, busy-minded people and run by a grotesque, rotund woman. Annie quickly learns that this town is really a hive of bees reincarnated as humans.

Earth 101

Two aliens from another world come to earth in human form and study Annie and the gang. They strand them along a roadside and perform different experiments in order to understand their behavior.


At an old carnival, a mysterious fun house is turning everyone who walks through it (except Annie) into sideshow attractions. When Annie realizes Molly is to be turned into the 'Incredible Melting Woman' (a one-time act only), she must break the spell.

Exit 13

Annie buys a piece of Indian jewelry from a newsstand -- only to discover it is cursed and causes time to repeat itself...with only Annie herself aware of it. Annie must confront the proprietor about its secrets and end the cycle before tragedy strikes.


While recording at an old historic studio, Annie discovers a cryptic, incomprehensible message on her audio track when played backwards -- warning of imminent danger to Molly and Rick.


The gang arrives in a town with perfectly behaved children... who are all addicted to a mysterious video game. When Jack, Clu and Carey fall under the spell as well, Annie discovers that the game was designed by an elderly storeowner to calm down the rambunctious kids.


Heading through Bayou country in Louisiana, Annie has her hair cut by a woman who is actually a Santeria witch. Later, as the witch molds together a voodoo doll in vengeance against another woman, Annie's hair and nail clippings are mixed in.

Eddie's Desk

Annie goes to the custodian's storage area and finds an Eisenhower-era desk that's haunted by a boy named Eddie Robinson.


Molly attends a ceremony at her junior high school, at which a 25 year old time capsule is to be opened. She and a fellow classmate, Steve, with whom she spent countless hours of detention, find mysterious watches addressed to them that magically transported back to 1974.

Talking Board

Annie has an odd experience with an Ouija board that suggests there's an unseen presence in the room with her and her friends. Annie presses on with the Ouija board and learns of a disaster that will strike the school if she doesn't stop it in time.

Lightning Rod

Fi has another run-in with the mischievous will o’ the wisp. Forced to decide between continued contact with the otherworld and safety for her family, Fi choses the later. Annie Thelon, the 13-year-old daughter of one of Molly's closet friends will take up where Fi left off.