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Fi's Aunt Elizabeth begins receiving strange messages which appear to be from Fi's Dad, but the messages lead Fi and Elizabeth into danger.


Molly tries to help a friend whose personality has mysteriously changed following a heart transplant.


Molly decides to quit because of all the weirdness on the tour.


When Fi gets too close to the secret of a suspicious animal rescue shelter, the woman in charge turns her into a dog.


Fi suspects that a student organization Jack wants to join may be filled with vampires.


The family befriends a strange drifter who carries a piece of the alien wreckage from the crash at Roswell in 1947.


Molly meets a mysterious man with whom she has instant chemistry, but soon discovers that he isn't human.


At a roadside diner, Fi is alarmed when the adults start disappearing, and vegetables that look remarkably like them start popping up on the diner shelves.

James Garr

When Carey is hospitalized, Fi meets his strange roommate, who was the subject of a cryonics experiment.


Carey stumbles upon a mysterious e-mail on Fi's computer. When he tries to open the e-mail, he, Jack and Molly are sucked into a game of virtual reality controlled by Brandon, a dangerously lonely, brilliant computer geek who has designs on Fi.


Special Guest Star: Bo Diddley. After the family finds they're all channeling the same blues songs, Fi suspects the lyrics may contain clues to a murder that took place in the 1930's.


Guest Stars: The Moffats. The Will o' the Wisp takes over Molly's body, and promises Fi information about her dad's death.


The family is affected by a fatal accident Ned witnessed as a boy.


A mysterious soda jerk sends Fi back through time on Christmas Eve.

Strange Geometry

During the filming of a music video, Fi discovers that the building they're in is a portal to the spirit world.


When Molly and the kids visit Molly's parents, Fi hears a Banshee, which she finds has come to announce her Grandfather's death.


Fi tries to discover the origin of a binary computer that seems to be thousands of years old.

Second Generation

A prodigy seeks Fi's help when he discovers his mother apparently died 2 years before he was born.


Fi suspects that attacks on animals in a rural community may be the work of a werewolf.


In town for Halloween, the family finds the club closed and the town filled with some strange trick-or-treaters.


A mysterious piece of driftwood causes strange changes in Ned's personality.


When Molly comes to a rural farm town in Iowa for a benefit concert, the kids find that everyone in town seems to be developing telepathy. Guest Stars: SHeDAISY.


When the family visits Irene's sister, the kids find themselves inside a nightmare emanating from Irene's nephew.


Fi fears for the life of Clu's brother when he falls in love with a stranger Fi believes to be a siren. Guest Stars Jewel Staite from 'Flash Forward'.


Jack takes his driving test in a car that seems to have a mind of its own.


Fi goes to a séance in attempt to contact the spirit of her father.