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Will 'O the Wisp

While the kids are taking a hike to see the Marfa Lights in Texas, Jack is inhabited by what will turn out to be a mischievous will o' the wisp who decides he's going to keep Jack's body forever.


Fi encounters the soul of a comatose girl inside her computer. With the help of the girl's family (guest star Dionne Warwick), Fi and Molly guide the girl home and back to consciousness.


Fi, Jack and Clu join in a local softball game, and hear the local lore about the mean old guy next to the playground who swears that he isn't keeping the balls that disappear over his fence, even though all the kids know he must be lying.


Fi meets a troubled 9 year old boy who seems to have psychokinesis (PK), but claims his imaginary friend never went away and is moving things around; Fi tries to prove him wrong, but ultimately realizes he has in effect created an entity by concentrated thought.


As a child, Molly had a friend named Rebecca who she later lost touch with. Fi meets up with a girl claiming to be the daughter of Rebecca, but when pressed by Molly to reunite her with her friend, the girl disappears.


Rick's sister, Melinda, is performing a production of 'Macbeth' in Seattle. One of the props being used in the show is a book of Celtic spells that once belonged to Fi's dad. Fi reads one of the spells from the book and conjures up a dragon-like creature.


The tour bus is run off the road by the apparition of a man who then disappears. The apparition turns out to be an angel who is trying to save the life a girl dying of leukemia. As the Angel intended, Fi discovers she is a bone marrow match.


A seemingly low-tech town is in a battle with a high-tech company run by Tad Raxall, a charming megalomaniac trying to computerize the entire world. Soon nothing high-tech in the town is functioning. Fi traces the glitches to mischievous gremlins.


Fi discovers a girl who lives in the town she's visiting is astrally projecting as a way of escaping from the problems in her life. But when the projections first worsen the girl's problems, then later threaten her very existence, Fi must convince her to wake up.


While camping in Tennessee, Fi wanders into the forest and discovers what looks to be like Bigfoot. The development of the campground is putting the creature in danger of discovery, and Fi helps lead the creature to an undeveloped part of the forest.


Ned and Irene arrive in a town a day ahead of the rest of the group. When Fi and her family arrives, Ned and Irene have no memory of the night before and neither does the rest of the town. Fi soon determines that Aliens have crash landed in the town.

Web Sight

Fi discovers a mysterious website, apparently a fan site about her mom's comeback tour, which has a review posted on it dated the next day. When the review turns out to be true, Fi realizes that someone or something is trying to warn her about an upcoming accident.

Family Reunion

Fi is contacted by the ghost of a young boy who seems to be haunting the building in which Molly's Chicago gig is taking place. After investigation, Fi discovers that the boy drowned when the Eastland, a passenger ship, capsized in the harbor nearby.