The Heartless Valentine's Day/Mine All Mine

New Sheriff in Town/Buzzard Bust-Out

Callie's Got Trouble/Outlaw Roundup

Stagecoach to Yonderville/The Wild Brunch

Sheriff Callie attempts to lead a crowded stagecoach across a bandit-filled prairie. Uncle Bun and Tio get in a heated debate over who's the fastest flapjack flipper.

Ella Sneaks a Peek/Tunnel of Trouble

It's Ella's birthday, and the townsfolk are planning a surprise party! While Ella hosts "Dairy Days," the Milk Bandit arrives in town with an elaborate plan to steal all the milk.

The Great Halloween Robbery/The Ghost of the Scary Prairie

Bandits steal a giant jack o’ lantern full of the entire town's candy! Peck tells Clementine a tale about the Ghost Rider of the Scary Prairie!

How the Water Was Won/Double Trouble

Homestead Alone/Where's Our Wishing Well?

The Ballad of Sweet Strings/Lost Popcorn Cavern

Peck's Prisoner Promise/Toby's Two-Step Trouble

The Prize Fight/Buckle Hustle

Wrong Way Wagon Train/Peck and Toby's Tall Twirl

The Long Adios/Fire Engine Fuss

When Frieda Fox injures her tail during a Wild West show stunt, she asks Sheriff Callie to take her place. Sheriff Callie gets a shiny new fire engine!

Toby's First Snow/Blazing Skaters

Sparky Runs Wild/Milkshake Shakedown

Peck Gets Fooled/Doc's Runaway Balloon

When card shark Phineas Foolery escapes from jail, Peck accidently gets locked up in his place! Doc offers hot air balloon rides for the Nice and Friendly Corners county fair.

Bandit Toby/Barnstorming Bandit

When a no-good thief named Kit Cactus comes to town, folks mistake him for Toby! Peck leaps into action when an outlaw starts bustin’ into barns and stealing cows.

Toby's Christmas Critter/A Very Tricky Christmas

A Barrel Full of Trouble/Peck Clowns Around

Bandits raid Uncle Bun’s store and steal the gold-starred town flag! Peck fills in for the rodeo clown at the Nice And Friendly Corners rodeo.

Quiltin' Time/When Dirty Turned Purty

Peck's Deputy Drill/A Fistful of Flowers

The Good, the Bad & the Yo-Yo/Boots or Consequences