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Episode #11.14

48min - Discharged from prison, Frank expects a grand welcome party but is greeted by a heavily pregnant Monica who gives birth to their son Ben, an abortion attempt survivor. Fiona, refusing to let her parents screw up another child's life, steals the baby. With Chesney and Mary-Mae expecting a baby, the show ends with everyone meeting, fighting and reconciling at The Jockey, all for old times' sake!

Episode #11.13

47min - Derilee has moved in with Frank, and all is well until her husband, Baxter, comes to Chatsworth with a gun planning to shoot Frank. With the police standing guard, it's a cacophony when Monica arrives! Derilee finally shoots down Baxter and leaves Chatsworth with Sherilee. Lilian starts dating Cajun Dave, while Mimi takes her fight with the Blancos to a whole new level.

Episode #11.12

46min - It's almost an end of an era when Mimi decides to stop dealing and turn over a new leaf. She decides to raise money for a new gym for the local school. After a fund-raiser fails, Billy, Chesney and Aidan engineer a burglary and accumulate £9,000 for her gym. Shane has had enough of Randall by this time, but she refuses to let go.

Episode #11.11

47min - Egged by her musician boyfriend Louis, Patreesha is all set to become the latest British sensation in the American music scene until Louis dies of a drug overdose. He leaves behind £50,000, triggering the greed of both Patreesha and Avril, who leave no stone unturned to cheat one another of the money. Frank is wrongly assumed to be a knicker stealer, and is ostracized.

Episode #11.10

46min - Tired of not being taken seriously, Billy takes up a job as a salesman, but soon loses it. He gets his house burgled to claim insurance; his plan fails but Mimi is left impressed. Thalia is the school bully and Esther has to go around apologizing to everyone her daughter hurt. Stella is welcomed into the brothel, which she promptly infects with nits.

Episode #11.9

47min - Remona's father Barry comes back from the dead with a check for thirty grand! Chesney invites him to live with him and Remona. He gets anxious when Barry turns out to be completely different from his image - did he jump the gun? After finding a stash of drugs, Esther takes her family to a Polish dance club with disastrous consequences. Shane needs help as Randall grows obsessed with him.

Episode #11.8

46min - In an unexpected, emotional bus ride, Frank discovers that Lip lives in the neighborhood but has been keeping his daughter Katie away from him. In a bid to mend bridges, he gets Esther to clean his house and invites Lip and Katie over. Franks grudges the ease with which Lip embraces Karen and Jamie's company, while Jamie tries to guide Saul through Remona's scout group.

Episode #11.7

46min - The music festival Shane has planned is all set to be a success until Mimi finds out about Randall and suspects that she wants to run a drug raid at the concert. She demands they break up. Meanwhile, things go a little crazy at Chesco as Lilian and Aidan try to get Mary Mae and Chesney together. The festival is successful and all ends well, complete with some good, non-kinky sex!

Episode #11.6

46min - When OAP Stanton kills himself under Aidan's care, a cat-and-mouse chase with the police ensues. Peppered with screw ups and false arrests, Aidan's path to proven innocence ends up being quite a journey. Esther's children, now living in Avril's old house, are not happy with Frank's friendship with Esther. Esther thinks nothing of it till she finds him naked and sprawled on her bed!

Episode #11.5

47min - Avril begins working at the carwash Patreesha co-owns and finds out a few sad truths about her life. Kassi and Jamie decide to live it up and plan a night out with disastrous consequences. Chesney expands Chesco and employs a British Muslim pharmacist, Remona. But has he been too hasty in employing a terrorist? Is Remona making bombs?

Episode #11.4

47min - Jamie witnesses the unfolding of Kassi's dark secrets and, in his bid to help his family, he brings them to Chatsworth. A dinner with the Blancos, Gallaghers and Maguires is planned, which runs the risk of being a complete chaos. Kelly and Marty, now ostracized for robbing Lilian, are forced to leave. Amidst all this shuffling, Shane continues his affair with Randall.

Episode #11.3

47min - When Kelly offers to save Lillian's savings from police surveillance, she is surprised by how much money she has! She faces a moral dilemma and can't decide if she should help her friend or run away with the money and live a good life away from Chatsworth. Mimi creates an alter-ego of herself in a grieving co-worker while Patreesha throws a strange house-warming party for Avril.

Episode #11.2

47min - Mimi plans an elaborate scam for the school inspector's visit: she gets the Chatsworth residents to pose as teachers. They do a great job at acting and at finding a solution to one of the school's biggest problems. Jamie tries his best to mend a few bridges he has burnt and makes a new friend, while Gloria and Dominic continue their torrid, incestuous affair.

Episode #11.1

47min - It's celebration time at Chatsworth after the residents are awarded a real Olympic ring, only to be later told that it's fake! Jamie discovers some shocking details about his family and travels to Leeds. Mimi becomes the head of the PTA and gets Frank to become the janitor of the school, all so he can go picking magic mushrooms. Amidst all the bustle, Shane starts seeing a policewoman.