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Episode #11.12

Episode #11.3

47min - When Kelly offers to save Lillian's savings from police surveillance, she is surprised by how much money she has! She faces a moral dilemma and can't decide if she should help her friend or run away with the money and live a good life away from Chatsworth. Mimi creates an alter-ego of herself in a grieving co-worker while Patreesha throws a strange house-warming party for Avril.

Episode #11.2

47min - Mimi plans an elaborate scam for the school inspector's visit: she gets the Chatsworth residents to pose as teachers. They do a great job at acting and at finding a solution to one of the school's biggest problems. Jamie tries his best to mend a few bridges he has burnt and makes a new friend, while Gloria and Dominic continue their torrid, incestuous affair.

Episode #11.1

47min - It's celebration time at Chatsworth after the residents are awarded a real Olympic ring, only to be later told that it's fake! Jamie discovers some shocking details about his family and travels to Leeds. Mimi becomes the head of the PTA and gets Frank to become the janitor of the school, all so he can go picking magic mushrooms. Amidst all the bustle, Shane starts seeing a policewoman.