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21min - A sensuous sculpture for an over-the-top party at a top alpine resort provokes dissent among the carvers.

Action Hero

21min - A celebrated stunt performer is commemorated in a sculpture featuring an iconic and cinematic pose.

Gone Fishing

21min - The carvers sculpt a mermaid and massive communal table for a waterfront revitalization project.

Treehouse Fantasy

21min - Steve has difficulty delegating work to the other carvers as they create a fantasy treehouse for a tycoon's mansion.

Dances with Bears

21min - A philosophizing carver conjures the image of a polar bear out of the redwood for a famed animal trainer.

Hang Time

21min - Sculpting the bust of a Superbowl punter tests the abilities of the carvers, as they attempt to create a human likeness with chainsaws.

First Breath

21min - Two whales must float above twisted roots in a magical marine sculpture for a historic fishing village

Race to the Finish

21min - A horse racing commission presents tough challenges, as the carvers fight both the clock and the purse.

Monster Wine

21min - The carvers struggle to blend their individual styles in an enormous bar for an exclusive mountaintop winery.

Furry Creek

21min - A soaring eagle sculpture for a spectacular golf course is nearly destroyed by a rookie forklift operator.