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Gimme An A

The Bravliest Baby


Baby Sale

The Baby Rewards

Clown Around

Hurricane Alice

Mutt's In A Name

Murmur On The Ornery Express

Kimi Takes The Cake

Fountain Of Youth

Lil's Phil of Trash

They Came From The Backyard

Baby Power

Diapies & Dragons

23min - Betty's English cousins come to visit America, bringing their perfectly mannered twins. Lil, feeling as if she and Phil are not living up to the "perfect twin" billing of her English cousins, tries to persuade Phil to be a perfect twin as well.

Fountain of Youth/Kimi Takes the Cake

23min - Grandpa Lou convinces the entire gang that they need a vacation. When they arrive, the reservations have been screwed up: The parents are all forced to sleep in one room. The babies set off to find buried treasure and save their parents' vacation.

The Bravliest Baby/Gimme an 'A'

23min - Chas and Kira take on a teen to help around the coffee shop. "Cyndy" is a dead ringer for Angelica's Cynthia doll. In order to impress some four-year old girls with a "thing" for babies, Angelica promises to be nice to the Rugrats forever.

Baby Sale/Steve

23min - It's puppy adoption day at the Pickles house, and all the puppies have been adopted but two: Spiffy a very playful puppy, and Puppy who is "scaredy". Chuckie decides to teach Puppy to be brave./Grandpa Lou takes the babies to an exotic pet shop. Angelica, jealous of the ring Grandpa Lou...

Bestest of Show/Hold the Pickles

23min - The babies try and make Dil take his first steps so he can play a game with them. As they prop him up, Stu mistakenly thinks he sees Dil walking, prompting reminiscences about each of the Rugrats' first steps. / Charlotte sets a play date for Angelica with bumbling pre-school...

Mutts in a Name/Hurricane Alice

23min - When Didi decides to go "back to school", the babies are confused. Angelica explains that this means everything in the Pickles household is going to start going backwards now and soon Tommy will be a baby like Dil again. / Chas and Kira pursue their dream of owning...

They Came from the Backyard/Lil's Phil of Trash

22min - To celebrate Boris and Minka's anniversary, the whole gang takes a train trip to Little Biendeltown, a theme-park re-creation of the Old Country. In a send-up of Agatha Christie-style mysteries, the scenic 18-hour journey is characterized by strange occurrences, shadowy figures...

Starstruck/Who's Taffy?

23min - The babies are worried that their new babysitter, a teen-angst wanna-be rocker named Taffy, is unhappy because she sings such sad songs. Angelica coerces the Rugrats to take roles in her make-believe game based on her favorite TV show, "The Cynthia Team"

Bug Off/The Crawl Space

23min - When the mommies leave the babies with their fathers, all hell breaks loose at home, ending up with the babies trashing the house and the dads getting locked inside Stu's latest invention, a fully-automated, state-of-the-art playpen…

Diapies and Dragons/Baby Power

23min - In order to drum up more business, Kira hires a Feng Shui expert to rearrange the coffee shop. But the babies, thinking the "Fun way guy" is here to play games with everyone, innocently undo all of Master Wang's work./The entire gang goes to the cheesy local aquarium for the day, which is shaped like a huge boat.

Clown Around/The Baby Rewards

23min - As Betty and Didi listen to an abrasive Dr. Laura-type radio personality, Angelica decides this is a gig she was born for and starts right in "fixing" the babies lives./Angelica convinces Chuckie that he is allergic to Kimi because he has been sneezing every time she is around.

The Perfect Twins

23min - Chuckie and Kimi get their own library cards on their 1st trip to the library. But when Chuckie misplaces his card, the babies turn the place upside-down to retrieve his "ticket to the world."/Inspired by a visit to the old folk's home, Angelica schemes to get the babies...

Club Fred

23min - Tommy feels rejected when Spike seems to be paying all his attention to Fifi until the cause is revealed - Fifi delivers a doghouse full of puppies.

Babies in Toyland Part 2

23min - Angelica convinces the babies to give her their candy or they'll turn into whatever they dress up as. Chuckie finds his inner werewuff and stands up to Angelica.

Babies in Toyland Part 1

23min - Angelica and Susie break Miss Weemer's coffee mug. Then, along with Harold, they go on an adventure to repair the mug and realize that they make a good team.