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Runaway Reptar

Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts Part 3

Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts Part 2

Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts Part 1

Discover America

Be My Valentine

No Place Like Home

A Dose of Dil/Famous Babies

Incredible Shrinking Babies/Miss Manners

Chuckie's New Shirt/Cavebabies

Accidents Happen/Pee Wee Scouts

The Big Showdown/Doctor Susie

Partners in Crime/Thumb's Up

Planting Dil/The Joke's on You

Officer Chuckie/Auctioning Grandpa

Brothers Are Monsters/Cooking with Susie

Share and Share a Spike/Tommy for Mayor

Runaway Reptar Part 2

Runaway Reptar Part 1

Wrestling Grandpa/Chuckie Collects

23min - Grandpa Lou is forced to take the Rugrats along with him to a wrestling arena where he will vie for the seniors' division title. After hearing about how Chas likes to collect things, Tommy suggests that Chuckie start a rock collection.

What's Your Line?/Two by Two

23min - Angelica is determined to cover up her cold so she can go to the Cirque Du Dummi Bear with the other kids. The babies decide to initiate Dil into the world of big babies.

All's Well That Pretends Well/Big Babies

23min - Angelica has decided to be a "stand up chameleon" when she grows up and encourages the Rugrats to decide on a profession for themselves. After Borris reads the Rugrats the story of Noah's Ark, Angelica tells them she heard there's going to be a flood.

Chuckie's Bachelor Pad/Junior Prom

23min - If Angelica can remain silent for a whole day, her parents will buy her an amazing present. Angelica ties Chuckie's eternally-untied shoes, and Chas believed that Chuckie did it himself-a shoe-tying prodigy!

Silent Angelica/Tie My Shoes

23min - Chuckie discovers all his furniture has been moved out of his bedroom. When Angelica hears that Susie's sister is going to her Junior Prom, she decides she wants to stage a prom.

Ghost Story/Chuckie's Complaint

23min - Chas gets Chuckie a new pedal-operated car and takes the Rugrats to the park to try it out. Tommy wonders if Dil can imagine pictures in his head when he listens to music, the way Tommy and his friends do.

The Jungle/The Old Country

23min - Stu and Didi are having a party and Angelica sets up camping grounds in the backyard for the babies. Chuckie with some help from Angelica writes a complaint letter to Reptar after he sees him steal cereal in the commercial.

Pedal Pusher/Music

23min - When the babies are taken to buy some plants, the babies fantasize they are in the jungle being chased by a white tiger. Boris and Minka rent a cabin in the woods and Didi feels that the babies should bond with their grandparents.

Opposites Attract/The Art Museum

23min - After Tommy and Chuckie decide to go their separate ways to find new friends. They each find what seem to be kindred spirits, but soon realize that it's diversity that makes the world go around. Everyone goes to the Art Museum.

Hand Me Downs/Angelica's Ballet

23min - Tommy is horrified when Dil is given some of his old toys. Tommy eventually realizes that he has outgrown his old toys and they are perfect for Dil. Angelica is jealous when Susie Carmichael is chosen to be the lead in a ballet recital.

The Magic Baby/Dil We Meet Again

23min - After Grandpa Lou tells the Rugrats the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, they become convinced that Dil has eaten some magic beans and that he now possesses powers. The babies believe they have turned Dil into a watermelon.