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Pirate Light

Angelica Nose Best

Let It Snow

Angelica Orders Out

Turtle Recall

Ransom Of Cynthia

Looking For Jack

The Matress

In The Naval

Send In The Clouds

The Art Fair

Potty Training Spike

Angelica Nose Best/Pirate Light

The Turkey Who Came to Dinner

Angelica Orders Out/Let It Snow

Ransom of Cynthia/Turtle Recall

The Mattress/Looking for Jack

23min - Angelica schemes to get candy from the babies by pretending that her doll Cynthia had been "kidlapped". The babies run amok in a department store, trying to return a turtle to it's "daddy" in another part of the store.

Send in the Clouds/In the Naval

23min - It's time for Spring cleaning and the Rugrats are concerned about Didi's quest to get rid of the dust bunnies. Angelica is sent to a new age preschool and the teachers tell her parents that Angelica has "sharing issues".

Potty Training Spike/The Art Fair

23min - The Rugrats are confused when Tommy gets a case of the hiccups. In the fall, the Rugrats notice a tree is losing it leaves. Alarmed by this change, the babies decide the tree is sick and try to find a way to make it well.

Angelica's Last Stand/Clan of the Duck

23min - The Rugrats are convinced that there is a monster in Grandpa Lou's mattress. Charlotte's minivan breaks down on the way to taking the Rugrats to the Dummi Bear concert.

Dust Bunnies/Educating Angelica

23min - The Rugrats get confused when they see fog outside for the first time. Angelica is heartbroken when she sees her new Cynthia doll has been eaten by a marlin.

Faire Play/The Smell of Success

23min - Potty-training Spike: After using the potty trainer a while, Chazz decides to graduate Chuckie to the toilet, using the Big Boy Potty Training Seat. But after noticing that Spike is using the tree to "do his business", Chuckie decides to follow suit, but Didi insisted that Chuckie uses the toilet..

The Carwash/Heatwave

23min - Grandpa Lou wins a Turkey in a contest and havoc ensues when it turns out to be a live bird. In the end, the adults see that the babies have befriended the turkey, and gather the table for a Thanksgiving dinner of Reptar cereal.

America's Wackiest Home Movies/The 'Lympics

23min - Faire Play: The Rugrats and the Pickles go to a medieval fair, where Didi, Stu and Grandpa will be helping out. While Didi makes stained-glass windows, Stu and Grandpa operate a mechanical dragon that Stu invented. However, thanks to the mechanical dragon's numerous glitches...

Radio Daze/Pyscho Angelica

23min - Angelica shanghais the Rugrats into working for her lemonade stand. Susie Carmichael comes along, sees the babies being mistreated, and convinces them to "go on a strike". After Lil explains the benefits of dresses, Phil and Chuckie give them a try.

Spike's Babies/Chicken Pops

23min - The Carwash: Stu and Chaz take the babies to a carwash to get the car cleaned, but Angelica frightens the babies with tales of what goes on there. Heatwave: Trying to fight their thirst on a hot day, the Rugrats get a drink from a drinking fountain, only to get their relief thwarted when Grandpa brakes a water main.


23min - Stu and Drew get into a competition, trying to catch the antics of their respective children on tape to win a prize on a video show. / The Rugrats have their own Olympics. They compete against the McNulty clan.

Mother's Day

23min - The Rugrats pretend they are characters from one of Grandpa Lou's old-time radio serials. Angelica pretends to be a psychic as a way of getting the babies to do her bidding.


23min - Spike's behavior gets a little bizarre when he secretly adopts a litter of kittens. / When Chuckie gets a case of the chicken pox, Angelica explains to the babies that he has "chicken pops" and is turning into a chicken.