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Passover (1)

Moving Away

Cradle Attraction

No More Cookies

I Remember Melville

The Sky Is Falling


Pickles vs. Pickles

New Kid In Town

The Mega Diaper Babies

Angelica's Worst Nightmare

Mr. Clean

The Alien

Spike Runs Away

Chuckie's Red Hair

The Unfair Pair

In The Dreamtime

Chuckie's Wonderful Life

Mommy's Little Assets

Chuckie Is Rich

Under Chuckie's Bed

Tommy And The Secret Club

Naked Tommy

The Odd Couple

Princess Angelica


23min - Cradle Attraction:Chuckie has a girlfriend, Megan. Moving Away:Angelica and her parents are moving to New York. Tommy explains to the other Rugrats how they met for the first time, thanks to Angelica's lies about each other.

Cradle Attraction/Moving Away

23min - I Remember Melville:Melville, Chuckie's pet bug, died while in the other Rugrats' care. They try to find ways to avoid passing that fact to Chuckie.No More Cookies:After getting sick as a result of eating too many cookies, Angelica swears off them, depending on the other Rugrats to keep her away from cookies.

I Remember Melville/No More Cookies

23min - The TV breaks, and all the rugrats use a cardboard box to create their own shows, not missing the actual programming at all. / In response to one of Chuckie's questions, Angelica makes up a "fact" that the sky is falling and the world is ending.

Kid TV/The Sky Is Falling

23min - The rugrats go to Boris and Minka's for Passover, and get locked in the attic with Boris, who's recounting of the Passover story is seen through Angelica's eyes, using the rugrats as historical characters.

New Kid in Town/Pickles vs. Pickles

23min - Tired of Angelica's bullying, the rugrats go play with another kid in the park, Josh. / Angelica decides to sue her parents for divorce after they insist that she eat some broccoli.