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Stu-Makers' Elves

Graham Canyon

Reptar's Revenge

Fluffy Vs. Spike

The Trial

Touchdown Tommy

Incident In Aisle Seven

Weaning Tommy

Monsters In The Garage

Candy Bar Creep Show

Special Delivery

Real Or Robots

The Graham Canyon/Stu-Makers' Elves

23min - Stu and Didi take Tommy and Angelica on a car trip to the Grand Canyon./Tommy and Chuckie accidentally toss their glider plane into the scary basement.

Fluffy vs. Spike/Reptar's Revenge

24min - Angelica and her kitty, Fluffy, act and look like evil twins. Fluffy breaks some pottery and Spike is wrongly accused. At the Sleazola Bros. Carnival, a guy in a rubber Reptar suit is giving out samples of Reptar cereal.

Touchdown Tommy/The Trial

22min - The dads are watching football on TV, the Rugrats are in their pen and Angelica decides she wants Tommy's chocolate milk bottle. The Rugrats stage a trial to determine who broke Tommy's clown lamp.

Weaning Tommy/Incident in Aisle Seven

23min - Tommy refuses to drink from a glass; Tommy takes a wild ride through the supermarket.

Candy Bar Creep Show/Monsters in the Garage

23min - Stu and Didi build a haunted house; Tommy and his pals investigate mysterious happenings in the garage.

Real or Robots?/A Special Delivery

23min - While watching a scary show a kid discovers his dad is really a robot./Tommy climbs in a bag and ends up at the post office where he's mistaken for a piece of mail.

Grandpa's Teeth/Momma Trauma

23min - Grandpa is supposed to play his trumpet at a Picnic, but Spike runs off with his dentures./Didi and Stu take Tommy to a baby psychologist after he crayons on the wall.

Ruthless Tommy/The Moose Country

23min - Two hoods mistake Tommy for a millionaire's kid and kidnap him./The Rugrats embark on a jungle adventure.

Beauty Contest/The Baseball

22min - Phil and Lil star in a diaper commercial, upset the crew and destroy the director's prized set./Didi brings Tommy to school where she teaches home economics.

Baby Commercial/Little Dude

23min - Phil and Lil star in a commercial; Didi takes Tommy to school.

At the Movies/The Slumber Party

22min - The babies go to the movies./Tommy dreams that his family takes on the physical characteristics of the figures in the mobile that hangs over his bed.

A Barbeque Story/Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup

22min - Angelica hits Tommy's favorite ball over the fence during a Fourth of July picnic./Stu and Didi take Tommy to an important client dinner.

Tommy's First Birthday

22min - During Tommy's first birthday party, his friends decide they want to be dogs.

Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing