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You Never Can Win

Will uncovers the missing link between Truxton and Hadas’s death. Katherine discovers the truth about her husband.

Wayward Sons

API joins forces with the FBI and the CIA to locate a terrorist before he strikes. Ingram uses an unlikely source to keep Katherine safe.

A Good Day's Work

Will gets a special assignment from Truxton. Tanya is asked to rejoin the team. Katherine is afraid to leave her house.

In Whom We Trust

Will reaches out to Katherine and uncovers Hadas's last project. Tanya goes to rehab. Ingram is suspicious of Truxton.

No Honesty in Men

Will decides to move out of his apartment. A new analyst joins the team. Katherine reaches out to Tom's ex-wife.

Caught in the Suck

The CIA asks Miles and Tanya to oversee the interrogation of a captured Al-Queda member. Will looks into Atlas MacDowell.

The Truth Will Out

The FBI puts API on lockdown for a security breach. Katherine realizes she is not safe in her own home.

Look to the Ant

Ingram makes Will a surprising offer. Katherine finds a connection between Tom’s death and another suicide victim.

Connect the Dots

David’s code leads Will to suspect someone at API. Katherine decides to take matters into her own hands.

The Outsider

Will travels with Spangler to D.C., leaving the team to make a very important decision on their own.

Keep the Ends Out

David’s son visits Will, leaving him with yet another clue to David’s death.

The First Day of School

Will faces his first day as the boss to his former teammates. While struggling to maintain authority, he pieces together messages left for him by David. Katherine learns Tom had a secret life.

Gone in the Teeth

Will Travers suffers a shocking tragedy and begins to uncover clues that point to a sinister conspiracy.