Reggie The Movie

Losers Weepers

Womp Race 2000

Double-O Twistervision

Reggie's Choice

Hurricane Maurice

The Jinx

Capture the Flag

Outta My Pit!

Channel Surfing

Follow The Leader

That Old Skateboard

The Return of Cleo

Tito Time

Sam: King of Kickball

Here's the Twist

Netherworld Night

It Came From Planet Merv

Game Day

Double-O Twistervision/Womp Race 2000

Hurricane Maurice/Reggie's Choice

Capture the Flag/The Jinx

Channel Surfing/Outta My Pit!

That Old Skateboard/Follow the Leader

Tito Time/Return of Cleo

Here's the Twist/Sam, King of Kickball

It Came from Planet Merv/Netherworld Night

Back Bowl/Game Day

Bruised Man's Curve/Pool's Out Forever

Legends and Their Falls/Welcome to Ottoworld