Episode 7

Episode 6

11min - The RC crew reveals the monster from Bird Box. And we get to see the movie Predator from a different viewpoint.

Episode 5

11min - Uber has a new ride share system, Broadway will never be the same after Venom joins the cast of Hamilton, and Pink Panther challenges The Black Panther for the throne

Episode 4

Episode 3

11min - Tyrion Lannister learns the true meaning of 'winter is coming'. Blade tries to slice his way into infomercials. Inside Out Boy goes to college, and see what happens when Halloween meets Home Alone.

Episode 2

11min - Harry Potter as a 70s sitcom. The future looks bleak for Nostradamus's assistant. Plus, the answer to what's underneath Abe Lincoln's hat, and the Jonas brothers learn that they're more than brothers.

Episode 1