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So Shall It Be

Fountain of Youth

While Nigel is in Spain, Sydney and Nigel's brother Preston go to England to search for a bottle of water from the Fountain of Youth.

The Warlord

Bekkastan, 1401 AD: warrior princess Kahina proves her right to rule. 2002: Sydney and Nigel unearth a cave painting that might lead them to Kahina's Saddle.

Pandora's Box

Sidney inherits a key from the best relic hunter of the previous generation and hunts for the one treasure he never found—Pandora's box.

Faux Fox

Professor Lamenza invites Sydney and Nigel to follow the trail of the Spanish crown hidden from Napoleon's army by Carlos IV.

Arthur's Cross

Scotland Yard calls Sidney and Nigel to identify a Fifth Century murder weapon, which turns out to be the burial cross of King Arthur.

Under the Ice

Sidney drags Nigel along to an Arctic base where an ancient mummy has been found.


Hunting with the Enemy

An urn commissioned in a Cambodian monastery by the Chinese emperor for the remains of Confucius is about to be destroyed by systematic bombing of a whole province.

Fire in the Sky

Pacific Northwest, 1398: A native American sees lights descending from the sky. 2002: Sydney lectures about the natives, who faced a mysterious cataclysm 600 years ago.

Women Want to Know

Southeast Asia 1075: An idol of Ganesha is prayed to. 2002: Sydney finds the temple with the idol, but is trapped inside by local rebels.

Warlock of Nu Theta Phi

New England Colonies, 1692: Witches consecrate an amulet before they are burned. 2002: Sydney's student's roommate finds the amulet.

All Choked Up

Greece, 800 BC: King Minalysius gives a necklace to Princess Nabina, enslaving her to his will. 2001: Carson Inez, a collector, uses the necklace to get Sydney to help her to raise Athena.


New Guinea, 1522: A lancet bestows strength with its cut. 2001: Retrieving the lancet, Sydney and Nigel run into Nigel's look-alike just before his death.

Devil Doll

Central America, AD 1488: the Aztecs hide a mysterious box. 2001: A guide leads Sydney and Nigel to an unusual, underground Aztec burial chamber where, instead of a body, they find a relic

Vampire's Kiss

Czechoslovakia, 1720: A Satan-worshiper escapes from his hunters. Trinity College, 2001: Lucas Blackmer, a professor and novelist, asks Sydney to help find Vlad Tepes' lost relic.

The Star of Nadir

Treasure Island

Sydney's on the hunt for a pirate's booty…but will a traitor force her to walk the plank?

The Light of Truth

Arabia AD 843: A sheikh uses the Light of Truth to reveal his general as a traitor. 2001: Prince Shareem drops out of Sydney's class to search for the Light of Truth.

Sydney at Ten

St. Beatrice's School for Girls, 1981: Sydney sees her teacher shot by a scar-faced man over an Egyptian pendant. 2001: Her roommate from school enlists Sydney's help to find the pendant and catch the killer.

Mr. Right

Bali, 1459: A princess gets to look into Parvati's Bowl. Singapore, 2001: Sydeney runs into her ex and goes on a holiday with him; but when Derek Lloyd shows up to enlist her to find Parvati's Bowl, she can't resist

Wages of Sydney

Quan Shu, Manchuria 1359 BC: The Chinese invent an explosive gift egg. New York, 2001: A rival beats Sydney and Nigel to a map leading to the Dragon's Egg.

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