Episode 13: Episode 13

21min - Did you know more than one in seven people have a substance abuse problem? We'll talk with an addictions professional and learn about the challenges in treating those with drug addictions. For those of you interested in aviation, we're going to bring back Shawn's interview with a director of Career Services at an aviation and aerospace university.

Episode 12: Episode 12

Episode 11: Episode 11

Episode 10: Episode 10

Episode 9: Episode 9

22min - Alecsa will start us off at the dentist's office where she speaks with a general dentist. She learns what he spends most of his time doing and why he loves working with families. Developments in engineering are happening at warp speed. Shawn will learn about what's hot in the engineering field and how advances impact so many aspects of our world.

Episode 8: Episode 8

Episode 7: Episode 7

Episode 6: Episode 6

Episode 5: Episode 5

Episode 4: Episode 4

Episode 3: Episode 3

Episode 2: Episode 2

Episode 1: Season Premiere

22min - By popular demand, today we're going to start the season off with our viewer's favorite episode from last season. If you are a football player in high school or college and aspire to make it in the NFL, you'll want to tune in! Gracey will find out what your chances are of making it to the NFL and what the draft process is like.