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The Granary

Curry Lounge

The Fish & Anchor

The Priory

La Parra de Burriana Revisited

49min - Gordon revisits Bonapartes in Silsden to see if his potent recipe of passion, perfectionism and inspirational leadership continues.

The Fenwick Arms Revisited

49min - Gordon revisits Moore Place to see if his fast-track guide to restaurant success helped Nick and Richard transform their failing ex-Berni Inn.

Piccolo Teatro

47min - The Dovecote, a family-run bistro in the heart of rural Devon, is on its last legs. On his first visit to the restaurant, Gordon is confronted with hideous wallpaper, vacuum-packed lamb, a pig-headed head chef and an owner who can't face up to his mistakes.

Ruby Tates

47min - The Runaway Girl, a trendy Sheffield tapas joint with a nightclub atmosphere, is on the brink of collapse. The restaurant is hemorrhaging money, and the two best friends who run it are at war with each other.