In Hines Sight

44min - Never before seen footage and exclusive insight reveal the how the Hines struggled and endured during their first winter as they built their new homestead in the highlands of Washington, far from the comforts of the suburbs.

Fire and Ice

43min - With a storm front moving in and food dangerously low, the Hines clan makes a final push to restock their stores and stay warm. But when two of their own don't return from a trade run, it's up to Brett to rescue them.

Sarah Get Your Gun

A Windmill and a Prayer

A Little Slice of Home

Trial by Fire

The Long Haul

43min - To create a sustainable food system, the Hines start building a greenhouse and Brett sends Drew and Sarah to retrieve a massive trailer that will become a root cellar. But the trip up the mountain proves harrowing.

Into the Wild

43min - To unplug from the modern world, Brett Hines moves his family from the suburbs to the untamed wilderness of central Washington. Setting up their new home in a race against winter, they come face to face with their first off-grid hurdle: predators.