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Liberty Ride

Season 4. Michael and Ben have trouble crossing into the U.S. as a married couple; Ted and Emmett get lost in the woods on the way to a 12-step meeting, while Brian takes a nasty fall and breaks his collarbone; Melanie goes into labor; 'Rage' is given the green light.

Proposal of Two Kinds

Season 4. Emmett supports Ted by signing up for the Liberty Ride; Justin is invited to Hollywood to help pitch "Rage" to the studios; Lindsay goes to Brian for advice about Mel.

Irritation and Separation

Season 4. Brian decides to participate in the Liberty Ride; Drew asks Emmett back; Hunter reveals to Callie that he's HIV positive; Melanie and Lindsay discuss the future.

Gay or Straight? That's the Question

Season 4. Brian goes head-to-head with the fund-raiser hired by the Center; Hunter leads Ben and Michael to believe he might be hustling again; Debbie tries to woo Carl back; Sam isn't ready to give up on Lindsay; Emmett and Drew continue their affair.

The Snake in Paradise

Season 4. Brian deals with the effects of his surgery; a former student of Ben's causes a rift between Ben and Michael - until Ben discovers why he was being showered with attention; Emmett secretly helps Ted find an athlete to model Brown Athletics' new underwear line; Lindsay struggles with her attraction to Sam.

Have Some Balls

Season 4. Justin discovers why Brian has thrown him out; can Michael and Ben's relationship survive Michael's Hollywood windfall and Ben's manuscript rejection?; a pro football player makes a play for Emmett.

Two Kinds of Lies

Season 4. Justin discovers the truth about Brian's phony trip to Ibiza; Michael and Justin meet with a Hollywood producer about 'Rage;' Debbie has a heart-to-heart with Horvath.

Preponderance of Death

Season 4. Brian is diagnosed with testicular cancer; Ted falls back into old habits; Debbie tries to make up for the awful things she said to Vic before his death.

Death in the Family

Season 4. Michael and Justin receive an offer to turn 'Rage' into a live-action feature film; Ted delivers his letter of amends to Emmett; Debbie and Vic get into a heated argument that will change their lives; Brian receives shocking news.

How Far You Can Go

Season 4. Ted accepts Brian's offer of a job; Cody takes Justin to the firing range; Melanie lends her support to the custody case after Ted helps her see what's important.

Escalating Violence

Season 4. Brian turns to Ted for help with his new agency; Justin and Cody take the Pink Posse to a violent level; a social worker's visit with Michael and Ben doesn't quite go as planned.

Starting a Whole New Life

Season 4. Brian warns Justin about his involvement with Cody and the Pink Posse; Ted continues to push his friends away as he begins a new job; Vic and Rodney decide to move in together.

Stand Up for Ourselves

Season 4. Brian decides to start his own ad agency; Ted struggles to re-enter life after rehab; Emmett and Michael discover their "inner faerie"; Justin encourages a friend to fight back against his bashers.

Just a Little Help

In the fourth season opener, Brian is deeply in debt and faces giving up the lifestyle to which he's grown accustomed; Michael and Hunter return to Pittsburgh to face the custody hearing; Emmett visits Ted in rehab.