Stream, lej eller køb


Forced to choose between his beliefs or his life, Noah crosses the ultimate moral line in his showdown with Eli Voss.


Noah’s attempt to trap Voss backfires when the mob leader uses the ruse to turn the tables on his nemesis, DEA Special Agent Phoebe O’Reilly.


Noah and Anna must find a way to dispose of four dead bodies at the same time as they devise a trap for Eli Voss.

As One

After a plane loaded with a shipment of cocaine overshoots a runway and crashes into a lake, Noah must explain to Anna what he's really up to.

The Singing

Forced to join the Mennonite Mob, Noah makes the decision to destroy it from within. At the same time, he must help a plane loaded with cocaine-packed cheese wheels land safely.


Under pressure from his congregation, Noah takes matters into his own hands to ensure that Gerry Epp and his drug dealing crew go to jail.