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Double Trouble

22min - Christine loves her cats but Sketch is vicious and likes to pee indoors. Not a recipe for a happy coexistence.

Grumpy Old Cat

22min - Gemma and John would love to have visitors but cat Calisto has other ideas. She prefers a quite life, she won't even let John play the guitar.

Stache vs. the World

22min - Nathalie, her son Dante spend half their lives protecting cat Stella from her boisterous brother Stache - Pam comes in to stop the fur flying.

Terrified and Territorial

22min - Rani & Tom found their cat Seamus at the shelter and fell in love immediately. It wasn't until they were walking out of the door that someone said "By the way, he's a pooper". Yikes!

Cotton Craving Cat

22min - Lukey & Cali are fighting, Lukey is eating clothing, someone is peeing on the carpet. Pam has her work cut out with this many problems all in one house.

Doublestuffed in Danger

22min - Oreo has had a tough time recently, after losing her owner and moving home she's become confused about just where her bathroom is located.

Feline Family Feud

22min - Owner Bernice rescued her cats Miku and Mimoko from the streets of Taiwan, they love her for saving them - but they're not so keen on each other.

The Toothy Tabby

22min - Gillian and her cat Ty are very happy - except for the biting! Pam helps Gillian to tame her tabby.

The Letter J

22min - Jazz and Jenni are give their owners Joann and John the run around - Pam has some tough advice to solve their problems.

The Arch Angel

22min - Janice's cat Angel is NOT living up to her name - Janice is fed up of sleeping under a shower curtain and Pam's going to see that things change.

The Purrrfect Couple

22min - Helen and her cat Dora are an a'dora'ble couple. But some unauthorized peeing is making Dora less so.

The Floating Feline

22min - Roger and Jim are at a loss as to what to do about their cat Ricky. His hate for Jim is driving a wedge between this happy couple

Oh Mia Oh My

22min - Meet Monique and her cat Mia - Mia doesn't make anyone welcome and Monique would like that to change.