Up Above the World So High

The Liberator

The Cure

The Tyrant

The trio are forced to ally with Urko to bring down a tyrannical gorilla ruler in an outer province.

The Interrogation

The Horse Race

The Deception

The trio investigates a village where a group of hooded ape Dragoons are terrorizing the humans after two humans allegedly killed an ape scholar. Things get complicated when the dead ape's blind daughter falls in love with Pete, unaware that he's a human.

The Surgeon

When Alan is badly wounded by an ape bullet, Galen must convince his former girlfriend--a chimpanzee surgeon--to operate on his friend using a forbidden human medical textbook.

Tomorrow's Tide

Pete and Alan rescue an old man left to die at sea, and are captured by a local labor center that needs the astronauts to work for them to fulfill their quota.

The Legacy

The Good Seeds

After Galen breaks his leg, the fugitives are forced to take refuge with a family of poor ape farmers. The eldest son's cow is pregnant... and if it fails to deliver a bull, he'll hold the humans to blame and kill them.

The Trap

While pursuing the fugitives, Urko is caught in an earthquake and trapped in an underground subway station... with Pete. To free them both, Alan and Galen must make a deal with Urko's lieutenant, Zako.

The Gladiators

Escape from Tomorrow