Liver Let Die

Jimmy suspects the murder of a transient is linked to a teenager and his mentally handicapped brother.

To Forgive Is Divine

An Amish woman raped by a Rome resident refuses to testify on religious grounds. When the alleged rapist strikes again, the second victim's parents sue the Amish community.

Forget Selma

Myriam's relationship with a stockbroker devastates Wambaugh, who comes to suspect her new love is up to no good.

Winner Takes All

Jill's shot at coaching Zack's basketball team turns into an obsession---until Zack and his teammates take their parents to court to keep the adults from interfering.

Three Weddings and a Meltdown

Sue and Carter, then Maxine and Kenny, announce their engagements; Myriam convinces Wambaugh to represent a widow charged with killing three of her husbands; Jill walks out on Jimmy.

Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey

Laurie reveals that she bore her son for her gay brother and his lover, an announcement that brings their mother back into their lives.

Dante's Inferno


The Z Files

Misadventures in cyberspace: Zack creates a porno picture of his teacher that ends up on the World Wide Web, while Max finally meets the man she's been "chatting" with.

My Romance

Judge Bone is reunited with an old friend; Carter is shocked by a live wire; and Zack's heartstrings go zing over a young cellist.

Snow Exit

A blizzard hits Rome, stranding together the feuding Bone and Wambaugh, and forcing Jill to deal with Jimmy's ex-wife.


Matthew is traumatized by a classmate's suicide, causing Jimmy to pay him extra attention. Meanwhile, difficulties in dissection class make Kimberly doubt her calling to study medicine.

Dem Bones

This Little Piggy

Witness for the Prosecution

Down the Tubes

Heart of Saturday Night

Saturday night in Rome: Jill and Brock have the house to themselves when Matthew heads out to party with friends.

Dog Eat Dog

Max is grilled in court after a tussle with a man dressed in a bratwurst costume. Meanwhile, Jill is suspicious when Kimberly visits Dr. Joey.


DA Littleton faces a figure from his past when two prison escapees make their way to Rome.

Pal Joey

Reap the Whirlwind

As a tornado threat looms over Rome, Wambaugh blows it while toasting his wife at his anniversary party; and Kenny's life nearly spins out of control.

A Change of Season