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Does Pete Dream of Electric Sheep?

23min - Everything's great between Pete and his new girlfriend, until he discovers that Chloe is going out with his nemesis, Jake. To make matters worse, Jake's young nephew is better at football than Pete...

The Veteran

23min - Pete claims that he's been in the army in order to impress Mel, his new girlfriend. Unfortunately for Pete, Mel's brother Tom is a genuine veteran.

A Night at the Light Opera

23min - Pete wins some tickets to see the musical Mamma Mia! and, after 'acquiring' a leather jacket from a bag outside a charity shop, manages to find a date, Helene

The Tennis Player

24min - Things look up when Pete's article criticising Britan's seventh best tennis player, Lottie Beaumont, is accepted by a national paper. If only Pete wasn't dating her!

Frank Leaves Noreen

25min - Pete is back with his ex, Chloe, and desperate to make a good impression when his dad, Frank, turns up after deciding that he and Pete's mum need a break from each other

Mum's Cleaner

24min - It's double trouble for Pete when he is accused of kidnapping an old lady's dog, while pretending to be a heroin addict to try and impress a Polish cleaner