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Ollie's Girlfriend

26min - Pete finally gets a decent sports writing job but it's on the basis of a pretend relationship with his best mate's girlfriend. Problems ensue when an office romance blossoms...

Marriage of Convenience

27min - Pete realises that he's too selfish and decides to turn his life around. His first altruistic act is to agree to a visa marriage.

Older Woman

24min - Pete hits it off with an attractive older woman at an art auction. But being a toy boy results in complications...


26min - Pete goes to a party where his friend and rival, Jake, reveals an intimate detail about his sex life. Pete promises to keep it a secret and then proceeds to tells everyone.

Eco Warrior

26min - To get out of a trip to Amsterdam, Pete claims that he won't fly, inadvertently impressing a young woman with his green credentials. Which means he's going to have to make a few changes to his life...