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Episode 13: Pups Save the Land Pirates / Pups Save the Birdwatching Turbots

22min - Pirates Alex, Julia, Julius and Chick-arr-letta get lost in 'Pups Save the Land Pirates', then in 'Pups Save the Birdwatching Turbots', a bird-watching contest leaves us up in the air. (S6, ep 11)

Episode 12: Pups Save a Manatee / Pups Save Breakfast

22min - Farmer Al and Farmer Yumi need help in 'Pups Save a Manatee', then in 'Pups Save Breakfast', Mr. Porter and Alex are in a sticky situation - they're up to their ears in maple syrup! (S6, ep 10)

Episode 11: Pups Save Bedtime / Pups Save Chickaletta's Egg

22min - The Turbots are trapped somewhere in the jungle in 'Pups Save Bedtime', then in 'Pups Save Chickaletta's Egg', Chickaletta has laid an egg, but it rolls away and is heading through town. (S6, ep 8)

Episode 10: Mighty Pups: Pups Save a Giant Chicken / Mighty Pups: Pups Stop Harold's Deep Freeze

22min - Chickaletta has super powers in 'Pups Save a Giant Chicken', then in 'Pups Stop Harold's Deep Freeze', Harold Humdinger puts Adventure Bay in a deep freeze so that he can become mayor. (S6, ep 15)

Episode 9: Mighty Pups: Pups and the Mighty Twins

22min - Pups Meet the Mighty Twins: Super-bandit Ladybird causes havoc taking the town's treasures - including Mayor Goodway! The Mighty Pups team up new pals The Mighty Twins to save the day. (S6, ep 12)

Episode 8: Mighty Pups: When Super Kitties Attack

22min - When Super Kitties Attack: The Kitty Catastrophe crew gets super powers, and now those little kittens are causing big problems all over town! (S6, ep 9)

Episode 7: Pups Save Gustavo's Guitar / Pups Save the Yoga Goats

22min - Gustavo Goodway's guitar is missing in 'Pups Save Gustavo's Guitar', then in 'Pups Save the Yoga Goats', Farmer Yumi's new Yoga Goat class is a hit, until her goats go missing! (S6, ep 7)

Episode 6: Pups and the Stinky Bubble Trouble / Pups Save the Baby Ostriches

22min - A strange odour is chasing the animals away from their homes in 'Pups and the Stinky Bubble Trouble', then in 'Pups Save the Baby Ostriches', Olivia the Ostrich has fallen in to the canyon! (S6, ep 6)

Episode 5: Pups Save the Honey / Pups Save Mayor Goodway's Purse

22min - Farmer Yumi's bees go missing from her farm in 'Pups Save the Honey', and in 'Pups Save Mayor Goodway's Purse', Mayor Goodway's purse disappears along with its precious cargo - Chickaletta! (S6, ep 4)

Episode 4: Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Mountain Climbers / Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save Captain Gordy

22min - Mayor Goodway, Danny, and the Turbots are stuck in a canyo in 'Pups Save the Mountain Climbers', and in 'Pups Save Captain Gordy', Rubble leads the way in building an emergency landing pad. (S6, ep 5)

Episode 3: Pups Save a Melon Festival / Pups Save a Cow

22min - Mayor Humdinger's plan to win the giant melon contest goes off the rails in 'Pups Save a Melon Festival', then in 'Pups Save A Cow', Farmer Al's truck gets stuck on a broken bridge. (S6, ep 3)

Episode 2: Ultimate Rescue: Pups Stop a Meltdown / Ultimate Rescue: Pups and the Mystery of the Missing Phones

22min - It's a hot day in Adventure Bay, and things are melting in 'Pups Stop a Meltdown', then in 'Pups and the Mystery of the Missing Mobiles', mobile phones are vanishing all over town! (S6, ep 2)

Episode 1: Pups Save the Jungle Penguins / Pups Save a Freighter

22min - The pups must get some penguins back to their home in 'Pups Save the Jungle Penguins', then in 'Pups Save a Freighter', Daring Danny is locked out of the lighthouse as a ship approaches. (S6, ep 1)