Stream, lej eller køb

What's Apple-Pine?

Are We There Yet?

Water Wonderland

Raging Falls

Moving Statues

Hula What?

Riddle Me This

What a Mess

The three teams consist of best friends, cousins and twins; the teams order up some fun in the lagoon and hula across the island to hunt for some lost items.

Hidden Zodiac

Three teams must race around a Hawaiian resort and search for animals hidden around the pool.

Cabana-Rama Adventure

The teams must sprint to the pool, toss leis at each other and go on a scavenger hunt to build a very important cabana.

Panic Under the Falls

The teams must duel with waterfalls for beach balls, complete a spelling bee and race to check out of their hotel rooms in time.

Dig, Slide and Toss

Three teams must head to the pool to toss tubes, solve a tricky tiki puzzle and run on the beach to put on special hula outfits.

Puzzled Tiki

The teams battle it out in a race where teamwork and memorization are key; a detour could sink one team's chances; the teams are puzzled by an ancient tiki.

Girl Power

Three girl duos must pedal hard to gather beach balls while trying to keep their boats afloat; one team gets stuck on a riddle.

Splish-Splash and Dash

Three teams must dig for sand dollars on the beach, hop across slippery islands, toss some coconuts and set up a cabana.


Three teams of best friends must dive for lost party treasures, dance their way across the resort and serve up some Hawaiian treats on the beach.