Dark Plaza

Rad's Alien Sickness

KO's Health Week

OK A.U.!

A warlock takes our heroes to a strange alternate universe where they are turned into robots!

Beach Episode/OK A.U.! Alternate Universe

K.O.'s Health Week/Rad's Alien Sickness

Gar Trains Punching Judy


Project Ray Way/I Am Jethro

Whacky Jaxxyz

Sidekick Scouts

All in the Villainy

Plaza Alone

Super Black Friday

Monster Party

Crossover Nexus

Boxman Crashes


Soda Genie

Final Exams

Mystery Sleepover

Are You Ready For Some Megafootball?

Bittersweet Rivals

Wisdom, Strength and Charisma

Special Delivery

Dendy's Power

Red Action to the Future

TKO's House

Point to the Plaza

The So-Bad-Ical