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Summer's Big Kerfloofle/Frog Scouts

The Spoon in the Stone/Gonzonocchio

Animal Gets the Sneezies/Library Leapfrog

Win a Twin/Skeeter and the Super Girls

Best Friends Fixer Uppers/Gonzo's Coop Dreams

Meatball Mayhem/Bunsen Honeydew, Show Stopper

Chef visits the playroom with some not-so-tasty meatballs. When Beaker joins Muppet Rockplosion, Bunsen sabotages their concert...with science!

Wocka by Fozzie/Gonzo's Clean Sweep

Fozzie can't wait for the very first Muppet Babies sleepover, but after all the fun slumber party antics, he's having second thoughts. The Muppet Babies must finish their chores!

Chicken Round-Up/Summer's Snow Cone Stop

After Animal is finished playing with the chicks in the backyard he gets distracted and forgets to put them back in the coop. Summer opens her own Snow Cone Stop!

Beaker 2.0/When You Wish Upon a Rizzo

Bunsen creates a substitute lab assistant, Beaker 2.0, to fill in while Beaker's away. The Muppet Babies are visited by Rizzo the Genie and wish for all sorts of neat things!

Run Fozzie Run/My Brother Vinny

Fozzie runs away after he accidentally breaks the swing. Rizzo is feeling a little insecure when his superstar singer big brother arrives at the playroom for a visit.

The Karate Club/Don't Over Duet

Fozzie must learn some 'Camilla-rate' in order to join the martial arts team, The Kickin' Chickens. Piggy practices her performance for Miss Nanny too hard and loses her voice!

Mystery on the Muppet Express/Mister Manny

Buddy the bunny goes missing while the Muppet Babies are having a great time on the Muppet Express. When Mr. Manny steps in for Miss Nanny, will Piggy accept his babysittng style?

Tagalong Polliwog/Sparkly Star Switcheroo

When Kermit's nephew Robin visits, Kermit is nervous that he is too small to play such big boy games. Summer paints a sparkly star for Rizzo that Piggy believes to be hers.

The Great Muppet Cook-Off/Animal and the Egg

When the Muppet Babies like Chef's homemade cookies more than Piggy's, she challenges him to a cook-off. Animal learns to be gentle when he catches an egg that falls from its nest.

Finders Keepers/Monster Next Door

When Rizzo finds emeralds in the sandbox, he must resist pocketing the treasure. After Potato accidentally ends up with a scary monster, it's up to the Muppet Babies to rescue him.

Starship Piggy/My Buddy

Piggy takes credit for the spaceship Kermit made and takes the Muppet Babies to outer space! Animal let's Fozzie borrow his stuffed bunny, Buddy. But will he ever get it back?

The Froginizer/My Fair Animal

The Muppet Babies play superheroes! Piggy and Summer help Kermit discover his superpower, but is it in time to defeat Gonzo's evil plan?