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Cold Case - Partie II

Cold Case - Partie I

Pot de terre contre pot de fer

De père en fils

Meurtre 2.0

À couteaux tirés

Thinly-Veiled Daggers - When a renowned chef calls for Munch's help in the middle of the night, having just discovered the corpse of her assistant on the famous restaurant's kitchen floor, it opens up a case that is sure to cook up trouble for Munch. To protect her client, she sabotages the crime scene, which has an incriminating message in blood, and sends Gaspard in as an undercover spy at the restaurant's washing station. But it turns out that the victim had quite a few enemies and the talented chef didn't really tell the whole story.

Une mère courage

Mother Courage - Munch ends up being an accomplice to a prison break at a woman's correctional facility. Lise, a supermarket checkout operator, convicted of theft, escapes from prison to find out the truth about her husband Pierrick's suspicious suicide. Munch and her team break into the mortuary and investigate supermarket inventory to try to understand what happened to the unhappy family man. Meanwhile, Munch's past resurfaces and we finally discover who the little boy is in the photo on her desk.

Secret défense

Defense Secret - Munch is called into a military camp to handle a crisis: Meriem, a female soldier, is threatening to blow up an ammunition depot. The young woman claims she is in mortal danger on the base and wants to desert the army. She asks Munch to defend her. But when a soldier is found burned to death in a field near the base, it looks like Meriem is doomed. To get army officials to talk, Munch has to get to work and confront Colonel Letelier, father of the young deceased soldier.

Destins Croisés - Part II

Destins Croisés - Part I