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Le procès

The Trial - Munch takes on the case of Paul Kentz, a brilliant and philanthropic businessman in the internet business who has been accused of killing his wife. All the facts point to his guilt - except for the sincere love he had for his wife, which makes the crime incomprehensible. During criminal trial, Munch has to use every trick in the book to try to sway the jury in favor of her client, who is as incredibly intelligent as he is strange.

Jamais sans mon fils

Not Without My Son - Munch's firm is in a big commotion: Clarisse has disappeared and is wanted by the police for kidnapping her own son. When Munch manages to find her with the help of Aurélien and Gaspar, they are stunned to discover she has been accused of murdering her mother-in-law. Link by link, they retrace the chain of events to reveal a Machiavellian crime, created to frame Clarisse and avenge a tormented past.

Ultime recours

Dernière danse

Mi-figue, mi-raisin

Une vérité trompeuse

Parole contre parole

Tel père, tel fils