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Space Fortress a Baoa Qu

A Cosmic Glow

Lalah's Dilemma

The Newtype: Challia Bull

Char and Sayla

The Duel in Texas

Big Zam's Last Stand

The Glory of Solomon

A Fateful Encounter

Farewell in Side 6


A Decoy in Space

A Wish of War Orphans

Tragedy in Jaburo

Across the Atlantic Ocean

A Spy on Board

Char Returns

The Battle of Odessa

Black Tri-Star

Matilda's Rescue

The Trap of M'Quve

Sorrow and Hatred

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Ramba Ral's Attack

Zeon's Secret Mine

Amuro Deserts

Sayla's Agony

Cucuruz Doan's Island

Time, Be Still