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Episode 13: Miracle Queen: The Battle of the Miraculous: Part 2

21min - Hawk Moth changes Chloe into Miracle Queen and conquers Paris, forcing Miraculous wearers to reveal themselves -- but Ladybug and Cat Noir escape.

Episode 12: Loveater: The Battle of the Miraculous: Part 1

22min - At a celebration for their twentieth anniversary, the Bourgeois couple is akumatized into Hearthunter, a two-headed Cerberus that devours love.

Episode 11: Ladybug

22min - Marinette's scheming nemesis Lila manipulates all of her friends into turning against her and even gets Marinette expelled from school.

Episode 10: Félix

22min - Marinette reveals her feelings for Adrien on the anniversary of his mom's death, but his lookalike cousin pretends to be Adrien and responds cruelly.

Episode 9: Cat Blanc

22min - Marinette uses her powers to leave a gift for Adrien, causing him to realize her secret identity -- which has a devastating impact on the future.

Episode 8: Timetagger

22min - Ladybug and Cat Noir are trapped between two time travelers from the future, one of whom has been sent by Hawk Moth to steal their Miraculous.

Episode 7: Startrain

22min - Anxiously awaiting news about her astronaut application, Max's mom becomes Startrain, who wants to turn her train into a rocket ship.

Episode 6: Desperada

22min - Jagged Stone seeks to replace the guitarist he fired, who akumatizes into Desperada, a villain with a magic guitar that turns people into stickers.

Episode 5: Ikari Gozen

22min - Adrien is the prize in a Paris-wide Friendship Day treasure hunt, but Marinette is teamed up with Kagami, who has disobeyed her mother to participate.

Episode 4: Reflekdoll

22min - Ladybug and Cat Noir each get the other's Miraculous when they must take on Juleka, who has become Reflekta again and now has a sentimonster.

Episode 3: Feast

22min - A strange statue uncovered in Tibet turns out to be a sentimonster called Feast that was created accidentally by Master Fu when he was a child.

Episode 2: Kwami Buster

22min - Mrs. Mendeleiev discovers Plagg and Tikki and plans to reveal the existence of the kwamis on a TV show until she is akumatized into Kwami Buster.

Episode 1: Stormy Weather 2

22min - Ladybug and Cat Noir must fight Aurore Boreale when she is akumatized again into Stormy Weather 2, who wants to plunge the world into endless winter.