Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir

24min - Because of Marinette’s mistake, Hawk Moth akumatizes Chloe into Miracle Queen. With help from her wasps, she takes control of the whole of Paris and forces the Miraculous wearers to come and serve her, thus revealing their true identities to Hawk Moth. But thanks to Luka and Kagami’s sacrifices, Marinette and Adrien escape the fatal stings and are able to transform. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to save their friends from Hawk Moth and Miracle Queen’s control?

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir

25min - Marinette helps Adrien and Kagami slip away from a ceremony organized by the Bourgeois couple for their twentieth wedding anniversary. The three friends are having fun, until Marinette notices how close Adrien and Kagami are and decides to leave them alone, sacrificing her own feelings for the boy she has always loved. But meanwhile, the Bourgeois’ anniversary takes a turn for the worse and the couple gets akumatized. Now Hearthunter, a Cerberus with two heads that keep fighting with each other, they devour all the love in Paris. Overwhelmed by this ultra-powerful villain, Ladybug seeks help from Master Fu. But, still stricken by her amorous sacrifice, she makes a mistake that will turn out to be devastating...


1h 15min - When she notices that Adrien is becoming ever closer to Marinette, Lila, who promised the latter that she would make her life a nightmare, puts her plan into action. She manipulates all Marinette’s close ones to make them turn against her, and even manages to have her expelled from school! Marinette is distraught, but an even bigger problem awaits her. Indeed, disregarding Gabriel’s orders to never use the Miraculous of the Peacock again, Nathalie transforms into Mayura and creates a new sentimonster… that looks just like Ladybug! She manipulates the sentimonster and wants to seize Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous by sowing discord between the superheroes. Will the real Ladybug manage to defeat the sentimonster? And will Marinette be able to denounce the lies of Lila and set the record straight?


25min - Today is a sad day for Adrien: it is the anniversary of the day he lost his mom. For the occasion, his aunt Amelie and cousin Felix visit the Agrestes. Wishing to show Adrien that they are thinking about him too, his friends want to send him a video message in which they all say something nice… and Marinette finally tells him how she feels! But Felix spirits Adrien’s phone away and, making the most of his striking resemblance with his cousin, he pretends to be Adrien to record a response video… filled with hurtful messages. Hurt and very disappointed, Alya, Rose and Juleka get akumatized into the Punishers Trio. Endowed with the powers of Lady Wifi, Princess Fragrance and Reflekta, they want to get revenge on Adrien, unaware that he is not the one who sent the video. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to stop them and set the record straight?

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir

25min - When Marinette goes to Adrien’s house to give him a present, she is refused entry. Disappointed, she decides to do what she has always been strictly forbidden to do: using her powers for personal gain. She transforms into Ladybug and drops her signed gift in Adrien’s room. But as she is leaving the room, Adrien enters and sees Ladybug taking off. He then finds the gift signed with Marinette’s name and understands that they are one and the same. As she leaves the mansion, Ladybug runs into Bunny, the superheroine from the future. Bunny has come to get her, because Marinette’s mistake has had disastrous consequences on the future. She takes Ladybug into the future, where the superheroine finds a Paris devastated by the last person she ever imagined would get akumatized… Cat Noir! Will Ladybug manage to fix her mistake and save the future?

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir

25min - Marinette is babysitting young Manon when Alya calls to tell her that Adrien has a sitting at the Grévin wax museum, where his statue is exhibited. Alya, Nino, Manon and an over-the-moon Marinette go to the museum with Adrien, where Alya and Nino plot to make sure that Marinette has a moment alone with Adrien. Completely abandoned by the big kids, who do not want to play with her, Manon gets akumatized into Puppeteer again. Armed with her magic wand, she can bring the supervillains’ statues to life and endow them with their original powers. And she is determined to have fun like never before in the unique playground that is the Grévin museum. Ladybug and Cat Noir cannot stand still if they want to stop her!

Party Crasher

25min - A fan of Adrien’s, Wayem, asks him to hang out, but Adrien answers that he is not allowed to have friends over. What Adrien does not know is that his friends from school have planned a hang out time at the Agrestes while Gabriel is away! As for Marinette, intrigued by the boys’ absence, she decides to investigate. When she arrives at Adrien’s, the hangout time between buddies has turned into a full-on party. Even Master Fu has joined the festivities incognito! Wayem shows up and, convinced that Adrien lied to him, he gets akumatized into Party Crasher. Able to absorb anything he touches into his disco ball fists, he wants to get revenge on Adrien. And when the villain makes Ladybug disappear, Master Fu has no other choice than to hand out Miraculous to Luka, Nino and Max so that they can help Cat Noir. Will the superheroes manage to save Ladybug and stop Party Crasher?


25min - After defeating Mr. Pigeon, Ladybug & Cat Noir are confronted by a mysterious supervillain, Timetagger, who claims to have been sent from the future by Hawk Moth, about whom he has some startling revelations! Timetagger's objective is to seize Ladybug & Cat Noir's Miraculous before they reach adulthood & become too powerful or, failing that, to send them way back into the past. The pair flee and run into Bunny, a superheroine who has come from the future to help them. Will the timeless team of superheroes overcome Timetagger?

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir

25min - On Friendship Day, a big treasure hunt is held in Paris. Pairs of friends picked at random have to find a celebrity hidden in the city, and that celebrity is none other than Adrien! Marinette is overexcited… until she finds out that she has to team up with Kagami. The latter has disobeyed her mother so that she could take part in the game. Fearing that winning would make Adrien and Kagami even closer, Marinette decides to sabotage their game.

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir

25min - As Marinette and Adrien chat with their respective kwamis and realize how much their lives have changed since they’ve become Ladybug and Cat Noir, Aurore Boreale gets akumatized again because of a hurtful remark from Chloe. Now Stormy Weather 2, she wants to prove her power by plunging the Earth into a never-ending winter. Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to keep their cool if they want to stop her!

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir

25min - Max has designed a new video game in which the former akumatized villains can fight against each other. But none of his friends can help him test it, because they all have other things to do. As for Marinette, she would love to help Max, but she is even more snowed under than usual and as such, she has decided to quit video games. Disappointed that even Marinette, the biggest video game fan he knows, has rejected his offer. Now Gamer 2.0, he captures all the former akumatized villains and traps them in a life-size version of his game!

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir

25min - During the unveiling at the Louvre of a strange statue discovered in Tibet, Alya tells Marinette that she has made an intriguing discovery: a symbol that can be found on every depiction of superheroes… and which also appears on the statue! Troubled, Marinette turns to Master Fu. But when he sees the statue, the Guardian loses control. Terrified, he tells her that it is really a sentimonster, Feast, the result of the mistake he made when he was a child. And when Hawk Moth and Mayura bring the monster back to life to control it and make it find the Guardian and the Miracle Box, Master Fu takes Marinette and Adrien’s Miraculous back to protect them. Next, he sets about leaving Paris with the Miracle Box, to save the city from Feast’s all-consuming hunger. But our heroes are ready for anything to defend their Master, even if it means facing a sentimonster without their powers…

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir

25min - When Plagg makes a mistake, Mrs. Mendeleiev finds out about the kwami and Tikki. And she is determined to share her discovery with the world! Since the kwamis do not have time to tell Marinette and Adrien about their misadventure, no one can stop the teacher from taking part in a TV show… during which she intends to share a video she took of the kwamis! But the show does not go as planned, and Mrs. Mendeleiev gets akumatized by Hawk Moth. Now Kwamibuster, she wants to capture Tikki and Plagg to finally be able to prove to the world that the magic creatures exist. Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to protect their secret at all costs!

Episode 13: Mayura: Heroes' Day: Del 2

22min - Ladybug og Cat Noir står over for en af deres mest skræmmende modstandere, da Hawk Moth sætter en skummel plan i værk ved at akumatisere sin assistent.

Episode 12: Catalyst: Heroes' Day: Del 1

24min - Marinette lyver om forberedelserne af en god gerning til Heltens Dag, og inden længe løber løgnen løbsk.

Episode 11: Sandboy

22min - Superskurken Ole Lukøje bruger sine kræfter til at gøre parisernes mareridt til virkelighed, hvilket tvinger en Tikki-løs Marinette til at blande sig.

Episode 10: Malediktator

22min - Da Chloe overvejer at forlade Paris, bliver hendes far, borgmester Bourgeois, til den mægtige skurk Stygtator, som vil have hende til at blive, koste hvad det vil.

Episode 9: Anansi

22min - Hawk Moth akumatiserer Alyas storesøster Nora til Anansi, som er en enorm edderkoppekvinde baseret på et afrikansk folkesagn.

Episode 8: Reverser

22min - Mark føler sig ydmyget af Marinette og bliver til Omvender, som er opsat på at få hævn.

Episode 7: Queen Wasp: The Queen's Battle: Del 2

22min - I et forsøg på at imponere sin mor prøver Chloe at blive til superhelten Bidronning, men i stedet bliver hun forvandlet til superskurken Hvepsedronning.

Episode 6: Troublemaker

22min - En rockstjerne skal besøge Marinettes forældres bageri, men hans personlige assistent bliver akumatiseret af Hawk Moth.

Episode 5: Style Queen: The Queen's Battle: Del 1

22min - Da Chloes mor bliver ydmyget af Gabriel, bliver hun til Stildronning, der har et magisk scepter og prøver at hævne sig på Adrien.

Episode 4: Frozer

22min - Hawk Moth akumatiserer en kunstskøjteløber til Frozer, som er en skurk med superskøjter, der prøver at forvandle Paris til en frossen ødemark.

Episode 3: Zombizou

22min - Eleverne giver gaver til frk. Bustier på hendes fødselsdag, men den populære lærer bliver akumatiseret til monsteret Zombizou, der er bevæbnet med en ond, sort læbestift.

Episode 2: Syren

22min - Den talentfulde svømmer Ondine er lun på Kim, men da Kim tager i biografen med en anden, bliver Ondine akumatiseret til Sirene, der prøver at oversvømme Paris.

Episode 1: Frightningale

22min - Marinette vælges til at spille Ladybug, og Adrien skal være Cat Noir i en musikvideo, der skal hylde heltene, men stjernen bliver akumatiseret til et musikalsk monster.

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