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Episode # 113

Carlos reflects on his life and sense of humor, and Ryan Seacrest exacts his revenge.

Episode #1.12

Carlos talks to Larry King about the high price of gas, gets philosophical with Ken Jeong and gives tips to job seekers.

Episode #1.11

Ken Jeong and Carlos play Ask Whitey, Mariachi Carlos serenades diners, and Carlos responds to hate mail.

Back to School Supplies

Will the Mencias have enough money for child support and bike parts?

Episode #1.9

After a chat with his cat, Carlos discovers his inner pet psychic, and couples square off on the Newly Met game.

Dee Dee Dee Awards

Carlos exercises his right to free speech and slams people who send spam.

Episode #1.7

Rock star Gene Simmons and Carlos attempt to figure out what women want, and Carlos reimagines traditional holidays.

Episode #1.6

Method Man discusses racism, and Carlos tells the truth about movies in Mencia's Real Reviews.

Episode #1.5

Carlos the Dinosaur teaches kids about real life, and a bunch of deadbeats are asked "Why Aren't You Working?"

Episode #1.4

Carlos becomes a Cultural Explorer, examines the West Hollywood gay community, unveils his designer clothing line, Sean Juan, and is joined by guest star Shaquille O'Neal.

Episode #1.3

Episode #1.2

Carlos finds out if "Desperate Gardeners" have gotten lucky with housewives and hires Mini-Gallagher to smash old technology.