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Episode #4.10

Carlos imagines a ragtag team of handicapped crime fighters, selects cabinet members for the Obama administration and sings the blues.

Episode #4.9

Carlos answers his hate mail and hits the streets to see if people speak honestly about the dead.

Episode #4.8

Carlos builds a time machine to influence history and runs the Guilt Away Gardens theme park.

Episode #4.7

Robert Schimmel and Carlos learn about Jewish culture, and Carlos pays tribute to George Carlin.

Episode #4.6

Cheech Marin and Carlos come to terms with gay marriage; Carlos ridicules emo music and flees a hungry crocodile.

Episode #4.5

People on the street offer their presidential decisions; Carlos devises products to aid foreclosure victims and contemplates a John McCain presidency.

Episode #4.4

Angry White Guy Brian cleans crap out of airplane bathrooms, and Carlos ponders a rice-based drug trade.

Episode #4.3

Carlos salutes a small-town gay man and just wants women to tell him what to do.

Episode #4.2

Carlos bitch smacks Prius drivers, proposes a unique service for celebrities who abuse drugs and locates the mysterious undocumented immigrant.

Episode #4.1

Carlos takes down a cheating polygamist, attempts to fight crime as a police officer with Alzheimer's and hosts a children's TV program in a third-world country.