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To Catch a Duck

When a series of daring jewel heists are committed, the other Ducks suspect their teammate Duke, who was once the most notorious thief on Puckworld before turning straight. But Duke realizes the robberies are the handiwork of his former partner in crime Falcone. Duke must pretend to join up with Falcone in order to uncover Dragaunus' evil plan to wipe out the minds of every human on the planet!

Duck Hard

When Dragaunus' henchmen take over the Ducks' headquarters beneath the Anaheim Pond, it's up to Wildwing and police Captain Klegghorn to break into the vast subterranean compound! The pair of unlikely allies must fight the Ducks' own defenses in order to stop Dragaunus from using the Ducks' supercomputer to access military missile launch codes and take over the world.

The Return of Asteroth

The evil sorcerer Asteroth leaves his own dimension and invades our Anaheim, bringing his arsenal of supernatural creatures with him! The Mighty Ducks must fight golems, demons, minotaurs and a dragon on the streets of Anaheim in order to prevent Asteroth from pulling our world into the Dark Zone!

The Most Dangerous Duckhunt

The Ducks are stranded on a tiny island owned by Baron Von Lichtenstamp, who intends to hunt our heroes as the ultimate sport. With only their skill and wits, the Ducks must survive the treacherous jungle and the Baron's high tech weapons or else they'll wind up as trophies on the Baron's wall!

The Iced Duck Cometh

A pair of cold blooded aliens land on Earth and proceed to use their weather machine to freeze Southern California in order to make it a more hospitable environment for them. The Ducks succeed in defeating the aliens, but their troubles are just beginning because now Dragaunus has the weather machine and he proceeds to unleash lightning, boulder-sized hail, and tornadoes on the city.

The Final Face Off

At last Dragaunus discovers a source of Bellerium Crystals (the rare element he needs to power the Raptor and conquer the world) on the lost island of Atlantis! When Chameleon goes AWOL, Dragaunus kidnaps the Ducks and forces Wildwing to use his mask to lead his henchmen to the island. The Mighty Ducks have to defeat the Saurians in time to make the Stanley Cup Finals.

Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome

The Ducks are transported to a distant planet where they must take part in space hockey, a highly lethal version of their beloved game! Our heroes must skate for their lives as they face a variety of vicious alien opponents armed to the teeth with high tech weapons.

Bringing Down Baby

Dragaunus arranges for the Ducks to find an alien egg. When it hatches, the cute and cuddly alien critter immediately bonds with Nosedive as his papa. But baby doesn't stay cute for long: soon it's grown into a huge rampaging monster which is threatening to tear up the city.

Buzz Blitzman Mighty Duck

The Ducks meet their number 1 fan, a geeky 12-year-old boy named Buzz Blitzman. He has knowledge which Dragaunus intends to extract from his head by any means necessary.

Monster Rally

The Ducks are captured by the mutant beatnik car customizer Daddy O'Cool, who wants their super-vehicle, the Migrator. He's going to use it to pull a tanker full of his mutagen to the Anaheim water supply and turn the city's residents into beat-mutants.

Puck Fiction

When the Ducks are framed for a series of jewel robberies, it's up to Nosedive and Grin to go undercover with the mob to solve the mystery of the glowing briefcase and clear their teammates' names.


Alvin Yazbek is a wannabe superhero until Dragaunus gives him real superpowers! He becomes Mondo-Man - defender of truth, justice and the Anaheim way. Resentful of the Ducks’ fame, Mondo-Man wages a one-man war against them, determined to prove himself the top superhero of all time!

The Return of Dr. Droid

The crazed mechanical genius is back and he's determined to wipe all human bacteria off of the face of the planet so he and his machine brothers can rule the world. His new supercomputer is capable of controlling any and every machine in the city, and the Ducks have their hands full fighting out-of-control fax machines, killer refrigerators and rampaging exercise machines.

Jurassic Puck

Dragaunus uses his advanced technology to bring dinosaurs (his distant Saurian cousins) back to life. As T-Rexes, Seismosaurs and Pteranadons rampage through the city, the Ducks must fight the dinosaurs and prevent Dragaunus from unleashing a volcano in the middle of beautiful downtown Anaheim!

Beaks vs. B.R.A.W.N.

When a robot bounty hunter known as B.R.A.W.N. – Bounty Robotics Assault and Weapons Negotiator - comes to Earth in search of Dragaunus, the crafty overlord manages to reprogram it to go after the Mighty Ducks instead.


The Ducks must confront the evil Dr. Droid, a man who replaced over 90 percent of his body with robotic parts just for kicks, and who is building super-robots to take over the world. In the course of the battle, the bad doctor zaps Nosedive, Tanya and Grin with a ray that causes them to start shrinking.

Beak to the Future

Just when they're considering giving up the fight against Dragaunus, the Mighty Ducks are transported into a future where Dragaunus has conquered the planet! Our heroes must face savage mutants and giant snakes in order to return to the present and stop this future from ever happening!

The Human Factor

On the road for a game, the Mighty Ducks become stranded in a small town, whose cheerful residents welcome them with open arms. But that night, weird things start happening, and the ducks begin to vanish one by one because the townsfolk have all been replaced with robot duplicates by a mad scientist who's determined to use our heroes' DNA to create a genetic superbeing!

Take Me to Your Leader

When Wildwing is abducted by a pair of stranded aliens, the rest of the Mighty Ducks believe their leader has quit the team! Each of the Ducks tries filling Wildwing's shoes (and wearing his mystic mask) while trying to defend the city from a giant alien plant which Dragaunus has unleashed.

Dungeons and Ducks

Dragaunus uses his dimensional gateway generator to send our heroes to an alternate Anaheim - one that is ruled by the laws of magic instead of the laws of physics. They meet a hero in need of help and realize the best way home is to aid him in his battle against an evil sorcerer.

Power Play

Stanley Strazinski is one of the dirtiest players in hockey and a terror on the ice. Defeated by the ducks in a game, Stanley agrees to a deal with Dragaunus – one that genetically transforms him into a super strong monster. Grin remembers his own angry past under the tutelage of hockey master, Tai Quack Do, and insists anyone who plays hockey must have good in them. His ideals are put to the test when Stanley shows up at the Pond, intent on destroying the Mighty Ducks.

Phil in the Blank

Dragaunus gains mind-control over the Ducks' manager, Phil, and uses him to lead our heroes into a series of deadly publicity stunts! And while the Ducks are facing increasing peril, Dragaunus plans to steal a new rocket and use its engines to re-power his mega-starship, the Raptor!

Zap Attack

Dragaunus releases an energy creature that can control electronic devises and splits into multiple copies of itself whenever it’s attacked. The energy creatures raise chaos in Anaheim while Dragaunus tries to take control of the latest satellite launch. Tanya and Grin must convince a famous scientist who has given up on society to help them save Anaheim.

A Traitor Among Us

Dragaunus sends a notorious spy to infiltrate the Mighty Ducks. The spy immediately incapacitates Tanya, the only one who would recognize her from Puckworld. She then convinces the other Ducks to retrieve a circuit-chip, so she can deliver it to Dragaunus to power his weapons. It’s up to Tanya to save the rest of her team and stop the Saurians.

The First Face-Off: Part 2

Trapped in the strange new world of Anaheim, the Mighty Ducks find a manager (Phil), start a hockey franchise, build a supersecret headquarters underneath the Anaheim Pond - and nearly get their tailfeathers blown off when they discover that Dragaunus and his evil henchmen are stranded here on Earth as well.

The First Face-Off: Part One

The Mighty Ducks’ manager, Phil, tells the story of how the Ducks came to the human world. Their home planet of Puckworld had been taken over by the sinister Saurian overlord Dragaunus. A small band of rebels fight to rid their planet of the menace with the help of a legendary goalie mask that reveals the Saurian’s hidden fortress. As Dragaunus flees, the Ducks pursue him and are caught in a dimensional rift and they end up stranded on the planet Earth.