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Bronco Busted

A Flower for Minnie

Bottle Shocked

On a winter ski trip with her friends, Daisy remembers that she doesn't know how to ski! Pete is worried that he won't be able to impress his Mama when she comes for a visit.

Al Rojo Vivo

Minnie's plans for everyone on a trip to the Swiss Alps are interrupted by the Kai family's first experience with snow! Hilda asks the Happy Helpers for help putting on a ice show.

Workin' Stiff

Goofy struggles to keep Minnie's surprise for Mickey's birthday a secret. The Happy Helpers are asked to help a band get back together.

Doggone Biscuits

The gang works to save Goofy's favorite Drive-In Movie Theater with a grand re-opening! The Happy Helpers search for the culprit sabotaging Mr. Bigby's Iron Mouse competition!

Goofy's First Love

Pluto becomes upset with a stowaway pup Mickey unknowingly brings to the garage. The Happy Helpers help when a pair of diamond shoes are swapped at the shoe store for another pair!


Minnie and Daisy travel to Brazil's Amazon rainforest to help Daisy's cousin get a picture of a rare bird. During a Roadster Soccer match, Daisy's competitiveness gets out of hand.

Mickey Monkey

The gang spends a night in Goofy's uncle's haunted mansion. Mr. Doozy invites everyone to his hotel for a fancy dinner party but a family heirloom goes missing!

Space Walkies

While participating in a Ukulele Jam, Donald loses Mickey's special ukulele. The Happy Helpers are judges for a Hawaiian surfing contest and learn about a lifelong rivalry!

The Boiler Room

The Happy Helpers are hired to get pop star Nina Glitter to her show on time. To teach Donald a lesson, Chip and Dale shrink everyone down to their size!

Mumbai Madness

To help win a race, Mickey's roadster gets SUPER-CHARGED, giving it super-speed and a few other surprises. Pete's truck is accidentally transformed into a Monster!

Captain Donald

During Chef Pierre's café opening, Goofy's famous Goofy Dogs are stolen! When the Happy Helpers return to Paris, Cuckoo Loca discovers new family members!

Goofy's Grandma

Famous race car driver Pippa Powers visits Hot Dog Hills for a reunion of "The Roadsterettes." When Mr. McSnorter can't relax on his vacation, the Happy Helpers show him how!

Down the Hatch

Goofy designs the first ever Goofy Race! When Cuckoo Loca's cuckoo clock is broken, Minnie and Daisy decide to get her a new one.

O Futebol Classico

Minnie comes up with a special race that can include her visiting childhood friend. While the girls enjoy a spa day, the boys fill in as Happy Helpers.

Eau du Minnie

After accidentally rescuing a skunk, the little stinker refuses to leave Donald's side. The Happy Helpers guide a group of BeeBee Scouts through their forest hiking test.

Fire Escape

When Commander Heist tries to steal Von Drake's Smarty Hat, Heist's cat gets in the way. The Happy Helpers get called to be pet groomers for The Hot Doggity Dog Show.

Cable Car Chaos

After Von Drake invents a truck to carry all the Roadsters at once, Commander Heist steals it! Hilda asks the Happy Helpers to help her find a new sport.