Stream, lej eller køb

Greenbacks, Unlimited

The Misfortune Teller

The Resurrection of Joe November

Iron Hand

A Flock of Trouble

Bret wins a ranch in a poker game, but discovers that there are sheep, not cattle... and the local ranchers want the sheep out.

The People's Friend

Guatemala City

Bret gets taken for a ride twice: once by a beautiful woman he falls in love with who may be a jewel thief, and then by a young orphan girl living in Guatemala where Bret tracks the first woman down.

The White Widow

Maverick and Juliet

Bret gets pulled into a family feud between the Caterets and the Montgomerys, and is forced to play poker for the Caterets to win the land the two families are fighting over. Problems arise when the Montgomerys bring in Bart as their player.

Cruise of the Cynthia B.

Bret is swindled out of $1,000 by buying a riverboat. He discovers that it's worth $20,000 and that it's a cursed "death ship", and that he and the other six co-owners have to get the riverboat to Memphis in time to collect the money.

The Marquesa

A Cure for Johnny Rain

The Goose-Drownder

Maverick Springs

Trooper Maverick

A Fellow's Brother

Easy Mark

The Ghost Soldiers

The Lass with the Poisonous Air

Full House

A Tale of Three Cities

The Cats of Paradise

You Can't Beat the Percentage

The Sheriff of Duck 'n' Shoot

Royal Four Flush


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