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The Ramsays Connected

Tilly puts together her digital summer scrapbook so she can look back at the best bits from the family's adventures in California. From the tip-tastic water polo canoe competition, to the super-scary and emotional pier-to-pier race, the fishing trip and Jack's farewell makeover, there are loads of fun and brilliant Ramsay memories to include. Not to mention loads of embarrassing dad moments to choose from. It really was a fab summer and that doesn't even include all the deliciously yummy, scrummy food that Tilly cooked.

The Old Man's Birthday

The Ramsay Vloggers

Matilda and her family are coming to the end of their crazy summer in sunny California but before they wave goodbye to LA life there's time for some vlogging. Inspired by a glamorous red carpet event they attended, Tilly, sisters Megan and Holly and brother Jack set out to document stories about the food fads, fashion, kookiness, glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Tilly, the editor and chief of the Ramsay Vlog, is making sure her roving reporters are well fed by preparing some scrummy LA nachos with cheese, beans and chicken and a reviving fruity, fizzy, Californian cooler. Down on Venice Beach boardwalk, Megan, Holly and Jack have their assignments to cover the fashion, LA weirdness, and of course the food of Los Angeles. Tilly has her very own assignment as she heads to a big movie premiere to interview the stars. Let's just hope the Ramsay Bunch vloggers meet their deadlines!

The BBQ Beef

Tilly is taking part in the famous Long Beach barbecue competition. Up against some extremely experienced and super serious cooks, her food will need to cut the mustard if it's to stand any chance against the barbecue kings of America's west coast. Tilly sends sisters Megan and Holly off to spy on the competitors while she gets to work. Her plan to win the competition is to make a succulent pulled pork sandwich with some windy baked beans on the side, but to give it the winning touch she's going to make an amazing bbq sauce with a special Tilly twist to go with it.

The Ramsay Games

Tilly and the gang are preparing for the biggest, the best and the most important sporting event of the entire summer - the Ramsay Games! It's girls vs boys, but who will win and will there be any cheating? With Tilly in charge some of the sporting events, they have a Tilly food twist! There's the doughnut relay, the super-hot chilli chicken roulette and the delicious sweetcorn swipe. Who will finish the corn the quickest, who will get the fiery, blow-your-head-off chicken wing and who will become the Ramsay Games winners and be presented with Tilly's edible gold medal biscuits?

The Fishing Trip

The Lip Sync Challenge

The Ramsay bunch are music mad but sadly not so great at holding a tune, so they decide to hold a lip sync music video challenge. While sisters Megan and Holly head off to the dance studio to learn some cool Californian moves from a top LA choreographer, Tilly and mum get musical at home. With music on the brain Tilly gets to work in the kitchen composing a pop-inspired lunch - tasty and tuneful musical carrots with a delicious kale and artichoke dip, with yummy 'pop' corn shrimp and chicken.

The Wedding Anniversary

Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch are in sunny LA, the city that loves to party and having a summer to remember. To celebrate dad Gordon and mum Tana's 20th wedding anniversary Tilly is cooking a Mexican feast and the biggest cake she's ever made. To throw the ultimate surprise party for mum and dad, Tilly, Megan, Holly and Jack are going with a major Mexican theme - amazing costumes and a special guest appearance from a brilliant 13-year-old mariachi singer. On the menu is Gordon and Tana's favourite Mexican dish, enchiladas, as well as a zingy prickly pear salad. And to top off the meal is Tilly's huge 20-layer rainbow tower cake, one layer for each year mum and dad have been married. But with dad determined to find out what's on Tilly's secret menu, she's going to have to be extra secretive to make sure the surprise isn't ruined!

The Grand Prix

Tilly and the Ramsays hold the first ever Ramsay Wacky Races and head to the go-kart track to see who's the fastest driver is. Tilly is in charge of the racetrack's pit-stop snacks, serving up some delicious food on the go - scrummy tortilla cups and, with a little help from mum, she makes her first ever homemade sausage wheel. For dessert it's delicious rocky road 'tyres'. With all the food all prepped, it's time to start the engines, hit the racetrack and find out who is going to be crowned the wackiest Ramsay racer of all.

The LA Dogs

The Toughest Challenge Ever

Return of the Jack

Tilly's big brother Jack has been away on tour with his water polo team, but now he is back and Tilly is cooking his favourite food for a slap-up, welcome-home lunch. Unfortunately she has got to put up with interfering dad Gordon as he tries to muscle into the kitchen to help her cook her meaty loaded lasagne and green courgette fries. Jack is sport and food mad, so this tasty and healthy lunch should be perfect before they hit the pool for a water polo competition with a twist... it is played in canoes! As all the Ramsay Bunch struggle to stay upright in their super-wobbly canoes, will it be tippy Team Tilly or generally wobbly Team Jack that win the match?

The Big Zen

Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch try to answer an important family question: Is it better to have a relaxing day or an action-packed adventure? Tilly and sisters Megan and Holly are planning a special Ramsay girls' day out for mum Tana. But is it going to be a chilled-out zen-fest or an action-packed fun fiesta? Tilly is getting to work on a super-healthy beach picnic for her green goddess mum - crunchy rainbow veg with a scrummy spiced bean dip, lean mean chicken and airy raspberry macarons. Or should that be macaroons? Before dad Gordon turns up to help cook a beach barbecue, the four Ramsay girls try out the latest LA fad, yoga paddleboarding. Fingers crossed it will be the break from the chaos that mum deserves - ommmmm!

The B Ball Match

Matilda and the Ramsay bunch hit the Venice Beach basketball courts to shoot hoops with some of the coolest basketball players in Los Angeles. Sisters Megan and Holly head to the court with their friends to get some one on one coaching whilst Tilly does what she loves best - cooking up some delicious basketball-inspired food. To keep energy up on the court she's rustling up amazing slam-dunk meatball subs, terribly tasty basketball pizza pies and to cool everyone down in the hot Californian sun, fro-yo super ice lollies. Tilly arrives with her courtside picnic and after tucking in and demolishing the food, the guys split into teams and have a three-on-three basketball competition.

The Ramsays Are Go

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