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The Lifeboat Rescue

The Ballerinos

Matilda and the Ramsay bunch train with the English National Ballet. In a plan to help her rugby-mad brother and some of his teammates improve their game Tilly sends them off to get some special training which even professional rugby players use. Jack and his friends find out pretty quickly that ballet training is tough, physically very demanding and requiring great agility, both vital skills they need to improve their rugby. To complete their training day Tilly cooks Jack and his rugby friends a deliciously healthy lunch - her 'all-try' meatball spaghetti with a muscle-building shake to drink, plus a yummy souffle for pudding. Rugby training with a difference - Tilly style!

The Hospital Challenge

The Dragon Racers

Matilda and the Ramsay bunch take part in one of the summer's most exciting competitions - the London dragon boat race. Team Ramsay are determined to do well in the race so they pull out all the stops to give their crew a winning edge! To help energize the team, Tilly cooks them her yummy power pancakes, super-steamed buns and a top-secret dish called dragon's breath meringues, which she hopes will give them magical strength. As Tilly takes care of the food, Jack and Megan kit out the team in striking uniforms - and make motivational fortune cookies for everyone. Each dragon boat has a crew of 16 paddlers and a drummer perched precariously on a tiny seat at the front of the boat. Tilly drums and Jack leads the paddlers, but will Team Ramsay win this year's Dragon Boat Cup?

The Makeover

Matilda and the Ramsay bunch undertake a major fashion challenge - to give Jack the ultimate makeover and turn him into the coolest boy at his party! Holly and Megan team up with Rebeka Roy, one of the UK's top fashion stylists, and Tilly gets down to work cooking a super-stylish pre-party dinner. On Tilly's food red carpet are some of the most fashionable dishes around - her brilliant boa buns, spiralized noodles with a spicy peanut sauce, and accessorised boba tea. With Rebeka's expert help Holly chooses some fantastic 'looks' for Jack to model and before they eat Jack gives them a catwalk preview of his choice - will it get a stylish thumbs-up or be deemed a fashion disaster?

La Festa Italiana Part Two

Matilda and the Ramsay bunch are on the Italian island of Sardinia and Tilly is ticking off 'must-dos' on her ultimate seaside 'bucket and spade list'! At the top of the list are diving off a boat, getting an underwater selfie with a fish, and cooking like an Italian. One thing great Italian food is famous for is wonderful fresh local ingredients - so Tilly sets to buy just-caught fish from a local fisherman. She sends Holly and mum off to a nearby farm to collect herbs and lemons. With her super fresh ingredients, Tilly cooks her take on a classic Italian fish stew, herby flatbreads and lemon sorbet. Tilly has been in the family's bad books since she surprised them with an early morning wake-up call singing Italian opera, but when they taste her delicious Italian dinner she is forgiven!

La Festa Italiana Part One

The Snake Boy

Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch cook for the animals at London Zoo - the human kind! Jack and Megan head straight to the reptile house and immediately get down to work laying a scent trail to help exercise the terrifying komodo dragons, giving giant Galapagos Island turtles a wash and brush-up and hanging out with Jack's favourite creatures - snakes! Inspired by these wonderful reptiles Tilly makes a mozzarella salad served in a watermelon turtle, a slinky snake sausage roll and some adorable Milly Mouse biscuits - the perfect picnic for a zoo full of hungry reptile keepers!

The Big Bike Bite

Tilly and Jack take over the show and go bike crazy. Heading to one of the coolest BMX parks in the country they meet up with champion BMX rider Matti Hemmings, and learn some amazing tricks. Back at home they get to ride a precariously high penny-farthing before Tilly gets baking. Inspired by their bike-tastic day she makes a delicious summer soup and a loaf of bread tattooed with a Tour de Tilly logo. Then using a clever invention and pedal power to do the hard work she and Jack churn their own butter to spread on the freshly baked bread.

The Marathon Girl

Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch are on tenterhooks as Tilly's big sister Megan takes part in one of the world's most grueling races - the London Marathon. Megan needs all the help she can get to pull it off, so Tilly and the Ramsay Bunch spring into action. Tilly takes care of Megan's food, cooking a classic athletes pre-race supper, a super-healthy carb-loaded pasta dish and an inspirational marathon pudding. Meanwhile Jack and Holly work on motivating Megan and put together a star-studded film with good luck messages from Olympic champions Mo Farah, Tom Daley and Joe Clarke. Then it's race time! Will Megan complete the punishing 26 mile race and become The Marathon Girl?

The White Water Rush

The Survivalists

The Sunday Lunch

Matilda and the Ramsay bunch cook Britain's favourite meal - a classic Sunday roast with all the trimmings. Devoted to this great British institution, Gordon and Tilly take their cooking to the extreme, kneeling down in front of the oven and praying for their yorkshire puddings to rise perfectly. But it's not all plain sailing in the Ramsay kitchen: as Tilly's gravy comes to the boil, a food fight erupts between mum Tana and dad Gordon about whether a traditional Sunday lunch can be spiced up with inventive vegetable dishes.