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Just One Victory

With the Nova Corp defeated and the fate of the entire universe in jeopardy, the Guardians must turn to an unlikely ally to stop The Serpent!

Killer Queen

The Guardians with Loki and Iron Man travel to the castle of the evil Hela to seek her aid in fighting The Serpent.

Breaking Stuff Is Hard to Do

The Guardians and their friends head out to find the fragments of Dragonfang, a legendary weapon that will finally be able to defeat The Serpent forever.

With a Little Help from My Friends

As the Guardians prepare to take the fight to The Serpent, they Bifrost around the galaxy to gather reinforcements.

Holding Out for a Hero

The Serpent attacks Asgard and infects the World Tree! The Guardians have to team up with Loki to try to stop The Serpent before he uses the World Tree to destroy the universe!

Darkhawks on the Edge of Town

The Guardians travel to the Darkhawk Realm to free their duplicated friends. But the evil mastermind behind the Darkhawks, The Serpent, will not let the Guardians ruin his plans.


The Guardians travel to Asgard to help Thor fight off the spreading Darkhawk invasion, but the Guardians realize the only way to stop them is to go to the Darkhawk Realm!

The Real Me

The Guardians don't know who to trust as the Darkhawks seem to have duplicated everyone, including Quill!

Blame It on the Boss of Nova

The Guardians finally make it out of the Black Vortex, only to find that the galaxy has been taken over by sinister robots called the Darkhawks, who are disguised as their friends.

Black Vortex, Part 4

Gamora and Quill battle through an 8-bit world and finally reunite with the other Guardians in the center of the Black Vortex.

Black Vortex, Part 3

Quill must escape the Milano as it hurtles towards the sun. Meanwhile Rocket and Drax find themselves in cartoony peril as they search to save Groot from the Black Vortex.

Black Vortex, Part 2

The Guardians continue to battle their way through the Black Vortex. Rocket searches for his best friend Groot, and Groot reaches the nightmarish heart of the Black Vortex.

Black Vortex, Part 1

The Guardians, desperate to escape The Collector's ship, jump into the Black Vortex mirror. They get separated in the Black Vortex and find themselves in a different world.

You Don't Own Me

After Collector destroys her planet, Phyla-Vell teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to bring him to justice.

Long Distance Runaround

In order to find out who set them up, the Guardians of the Galaxy track down Howard the Duck as Phyla-Vell closes in on them.

Gotta Get Outta This Place

The Guardians of the Galaxy find themselves in a Kree prison after they have stolen their "package."

Happy Together

Squandering their riches, the Guardians of the Galaxy take a transportation job. Though they are unaware that they are stealing from the Kree and have an encounter withPhyla-Vell.


Quill starts his own talk show after beating Thanos; to his dismay, everyone seems to hate it, especially the Grandmaster who is rigging the segments to destroy Quill.

We Are the Champions

Drax decides he no longer wants to be a Destroyer and looks into new occupations.

Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves

Gamora decides to use her new riches to repay all of the people she has wronged throughout the years. When Nebula shows up, Gamora tries to teach her the value of doing good.

Money Changes Everything

The Guardians now have everything they ever dreamed of, but money can't solve their problems.

Titan Up

The Guardians chase Thanos and Sam Alexander (Nova) to Thanos' home planet of Titan, where they discover a gladiatorial arena featuring Jesse Alexander - Nova's father!

I Fought the Law

The Guardians have captured Thanos, but it's no easy task transporting the most wanted criminal in the galaxy.

Drive My Carnage

The Guardians team up with Spider-Man to battle Thanos, who has harnessed the power of the Carnage Symbiote to become the ultimate weapon.

Back in the New York Groove

The Guardians meet up with Spider-Man in New York City to defeat Thanos' super-powered symbiote.

Mission: Breakout

The Guardians must work together to escape the elaborate prisons created for them by The Collector.