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A Grave Mistake

Ask Aunt Fran

Mama Cries Uncle

Mama's Birthday

Harper Versus Harper

Mama for Mayor: Part 2

Mama for Mayor: Part 1

No Room at the Inn


Mama Buys a Car

Black Belt Mama

Naomi decides to take up a self-defense martial arts class, and talks Fran and Sonja into joining. Mama initially thinks it's a load of bunk, but soon changes her tune after being mugged.

Mama Learns to Drive

With a bus strike cutting off Mama's primary means of transportation, she turns to her family to help her get where she needs to go. Tired of having to take her places, however, her family insists she learn to drive herself.

The Mama Who Came to Dinner

Insecure about their social status, Vint and Naomi decide to hold a dinner party for several of their higher-class friends. The night of the party, however, Mama suffers a back spasm, and Vint and Naomi are forced to literally hold the party around her as she lays on the floor.

Amateur Night

During a talent show at the Bigger Jigger, Vint wows the crowd with his Fred Astaire impression. However, fame instantly rockets to his head, and the family decides to bring him back down to Earth before he makes a fool of himself.

Aunt Gert Rides Again

Ellen's Boyfriend

Ellen is afraid to have her new boyfriend meet the family due to him being much younger than her, and her fears are confirmed when they accidentally cross paths at the town's fanciest restaurant, Chez Ray.

Obscene Call

Shortly after Naomi's campaign to be voted Friendly Employee of the Month at the Food Circus, she begins receiving inappropriate phone calls from an anonymous pervert, and Mama thinks the added friendliness is to blame.


Mama's in the hospital after being hit in the head with a pot, and in the waiting room, Eunice, Ellen and Naomi all tell Vinton their own version of who delivered the blow, shown via flashbacks.

Naomi and the Stork

Naomi's recent bouts with morning sickness lead Mama to think she may be pregnant. When Naomi tells Vinton the news, the couple are initially excited, but soon face the prospect of having to raise their new baby in their basement quarters.

Country Club

Ellen attends a ceremony at the Raytown Country Club celebrating her being named its Woman of the Year, but when Mama, Vint and Naomi crash the festivities, she becomes afraid that they'll embarrass her in front of the highest members of Raytown's society.

The Return of Leonard Oates

Naomi's second husband Leonard Oates comes back to Raytown a newly wealthy man, and tries to charm her into leaving Vinton and the Harpers for him and a "life of luxury".

Flaming Forties

Vint and Naomi prepare to haul Mama's World War II-era things to a rummage sale at the high school, but Buzz and Sonja, who are in charge of the school dance, soon get the idea to give it a 1940's theme. Mama is excited about the idea... until the rest of the dance committee shoots it down in favor of a "punk rock" style.