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Mama's Silver

Taking place before Vint and Naomi were married, this episode sees Vint pawning Mama's silver to help bail Claude, a rather shady friend of his, out of jail.

Positive Thinking

Buzz credits the power of positive thinking for his recent successes, leading Eunice to join in the positivity herself. Her newfound way of thinking lands her a part in a production at the Pepper Pot Playhouse.

Alien Marriage

Taking place before Vint and Naomi were married, this episode sees Vint accepting an offer to marry an illegal immigrant in order to help her gain American citizenship -- and to help him gain some big money.

Fran's Dress

While ironing the dress Fran is planning to wear to a special occasion, Mama accidentally burns a hole through it, and she and Ellen buy a new one to replace it without Fran's knowledge.

Mama's Boyfriend

Mama's dancing on air after reuniting with an old flame of hers from 40 years prior, but the family thinks she may have made a misstep when the two of them decide to spend the weekend at a cabin.

Double Standard

On the night of the high school homecoming dance, Vint orders Buzz and Sonja to be back home by midnight -- but tempers flare when Sonja finds out Vint has allowed Buzz to stay out later solely because he's a boy.

Mama Gets a Job

Feeling as though she hasn't done anything with her life, Mama ends up landing a job as a receptionist at a travel agency. Her family is happy for her, but they soon discover they may be more dependent on her than they realize.


Eunice's birthday party down at the Bigger Jigger goes as well as one would expect, with her and Mama carted off to jail after indirectly assaulting two police officers trying to break up their argument.

Family Feud

Mama, Vint, Naomi, Ellen, and Buzz play against the Van Courtland family for a chance to win $10,000 on the game show Family Feud.

The Wedding: Part 2

The Wedding: Part 1

For Better or Worse

Vint and the Kids Move In

Newly-divorced Vinton has been evicted from his house along with Buzz and Sonja, and Mama decides to take them all in -- but Fran is none too thrilled when she finds her writing studio has been turned into Sonja's room behind her back. Meanwhile, Vinton gets reacquainted with Mama's next-door neighbor Naomi.