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United Stakes

Eight weeks at the USA Training Center have led to this moment: who will make it onto the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics team and who will be left behind.

Truth Be Told

Lauren has an experimental procedure that leaves her scared about her future with the team. Will she recover in time to make it to the finals or will this be the end of her Olympic dreams? Meanwhile, someone from Jordan's past shows up at the USA Training Center, sending her into a tailspin.

Listen to the Universe

Lauren is devastated when the doctor tells her that her heart condition requires surgery. In hopes of helping her, Payson tracks down another doctor to convince him to perform an experimental procedure with a quicker recovery period. Meanwhile, Kaylie is forced to room with Jordan.

Dream On

Some dreams come to an end as the girls compete in the semi-qualifications to make the official Olympics team.

Growing Pains

It's midway through the qualifying period at the USA Training Center as the girls prepare for a day of family visits.

Time Is of the Essence

It Takes Two

After Coach McIntire pairs the girls up, they must learn to live with a constant companion.

Smells Like Winner